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Looking for Lambeth Reports & Blogs from the Global South

Kendall has been doing an incredible job at posting excerpts from the blogs of dozens of US and British bishops, as well as posting gazillion articles from the US and UK press. But like the Lambeth conference itself, (where US bishops make up over 20% of the participants), the voices from the US, UK and Canada threaten to overwhelm all the other voices.

We’d love to start featuring reports and blog entries from Anglican Provinces around the World. If you know of reports from bishops or news articles being published in other Provinces, please post the links in the comments or e-mail us!

I’ve just come across two websites that have reports from Brazilian and Cuban bishops.

I’ve just discovered a blog that has entries by Bp. Miguel Tamayo of Uruguay and Cuba

The blog entries by +Tamayo are here:

These can be translated using Google’s Language Tools


Also, the website of the Anglican diocese of Brasilia has Lambeth reports posted:

Again, you can use Google language tools to get a rough translation from the Portuguese.

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A Tech Update from Greg Griffith re: a Denial of Service attack on the SF/T19 server

Over at Stand Firm, Greg Griffith has posted a brief update about a denial of service attack that affected the shared TitusOneNine / Stand Firm server early this morning. You can read the details, and should you be able and eager to do so, find information about how to contribute towards the combined server hosting costs here.

Note, that comment thread also contains info re: a backup site for Christopher Johnson’s Midwest Conservative journal whose site also went down at a similar time, but appears to have been more severely affected. Hmmmm…..

This elf is very thankful for Greg’s excellent blog admin support and especially for all his work in setting up a server with load balancing capacity that has been able to handle even the most outrageously busy news days in the Anglican blog world. Thanks Greg!

Now this elf will be “bossy” again! Go let Greg know how much you appreciate his hard work…! And please give if you can.


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