Newsweek Interviews Martyn Minns

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12 comments on “Newsweek Interviews Martyn Minns

  1. John Wilkins says:

    I hope he can do better.

  2. AnglicanFirst says:

    He did well John.
    +Martyn Minns does not stoop and diminish his speech through the use of ‘episcobabble’ and painfully ‘posited’ statements.

  3. Alice Linsley says:

    Yet another example of Newsweek’s bias and ignorant coverage of the Anglican Communion’s crisis.

  4. Jeff Thimsen says:

    A pretty shallow interview.

  5. physician without health says:

    As shallow as the interview was, these are the questions that are being thrown at Anglican reasserters, and it is good to see them answered so well.

  6. Fr. Dale says:

    “How does winning look to you?
    Maintaining our integrity.” I prefer the way Martin Minns uses the word “integrity” to the way it is used by Susan Russell. Once again, we are using the same language with different understandings.

  7. robroy says:

    When I saw this last night, I kept looking for the link for the rest of the interview. Bp Minns does well answering despite there being only seven fairly silly questions.

  8. Sarah1 says:

    Yeh — some incredibly vacuous questions, demonstrating a lack of knowledge coupled with a desperate desire to sculpt some good “when did you stop beating your wife” questions.

    Really a sad display for a “journalist” — good for Minns in his responses!

  9. Words Matter says:

    Newsweek’s animus to religion goes far beyond mis-reporting of the Anglican crisis. GetReligion has been working the mag rag over lately from a journalistic POV. Personally, I haven’t read Newsweek, or thought about it in 40 years, unless I saw a copy at the doctor’s office.

  10. Ralinda says:

    I personally want to thank Robroy for always taking the time to intelligently comment on stories like this–whether it’s on the web site for Newsweek or the NYTimes or the Podunk Weekly. He never lets the reporter tell only half the story or lets the revisionists go unchallenged!

  11. William P. Sulik says:

    This is clearly an edited interview – I would like to say the whole thing. I have been a parishioner in a church (Truro Church) while Martyn was the rector there and when I read these responses:
    [blockquote] Isn’t this process making it more segregated?
    No. We preach across lines of race, class and geography.

    But not sexuality?
    God’s love can change us all.

    Is homosexuality a sin?
    It’s clearly sinful. It leads to brokenness. [/blockquote] I know we are getting but a brief excerpt – Martyn does not provide such clipped answers.

    I hope a transcript of the full interview will be released by CANA (since it doesn’t appear likely that Newsweek any longer has the integrity to publish accurately).

  12. Fr. Dale says:

    I canceled my subscription to Newsweek two years ago. I used to look forward to pieces on religion then….it became very predictable. Each piece could be summed up with the serpent’s temptation to Eve. “Did God really say that?” Kind of like an EFM Bible study over at TEC.