(AAC) Phil Ashey–Gsfa Bishops And Canterbury Both Release Statements On Lambeth 1.10

At almost the same time, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSFA) released statements on Lambeth Resolution 1.10. Both could not have been more different in tone.

Canterbury released a letter to those at Lambeth stating that the Anglican Communion did, in fact, affirm Resolution 1.10. He even writes that the fact that Lambeth Calls: Human Dignity quotes the resolution three times should be enough to show that this is true. What he doesn’t say is that the part of the resolution that affirms the traditional view of marriage and human sexuality was unceremoniously removed from the Call after causing liberal backlash. It is evident he is trying to appease Global South leaders and progressive leaders at the same time. Welby provides only a half-hearted endorsement, for he goes on to say, “other provinces have blessed and welcomed same sex union/marriage, after careful theological reflection and a process of reception.” Does this mean that those who refuse to accept Lambeth 1.10 hold an equally plausible view supported by reasoned theology and careful consideration? Do those who affirm the orthodox view therefore have none of that?

Not surprisingly, Welby concludes his convoluted letter with a plea for further unity, writing, “What is also clear is that Lambeth 1.10 itself continues to be a source of pain, anxiety and contention among us…To be reconciled to one another across such divides is not something we can achieve by ourselves.” He then adds a plea for leaders to turn to Christ, who can heal our divisions, and yet, isn’t it precisely the nature of Christ and what He requires from us that is in contention? Each faction believes they are following Christ. Can this division really be healed through such superficial well-wishes but no real action?

In contrast, today’s GSFA resolution was an exercise in extreme clarity.

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