Thousands flee Fargo ahead of menacing floodwaters

Thousands of shivering, tired residents got out while they could and others prayed that miles of sandbagged levees would hold Friday as the surging Red River threatened to unleash the biggest flood North Dakota’s largest city has ever seen.

The agonizing decision to stay or go came as the final hours ticked down before an expected crest Saturday evening, when the ice-laden river could climb as high as 43 feet, nearly 3 feet higher than the record set 112 years ago.

“It’s to the point now where I think we’ve done everything we can,” said resident Dave Davis, whose neighborhood was filled with backhoes and tractors building an earthen levee. “The only thing now is divine intervention.”

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2 comments on “Thousands flee Fargo ahead of menacing floodwaters

  1. Katie My Rib says:

    Lutheran Disaster Response is working to coordinate help for the communities hit by the flooding in the Red River Valley. That includes money now and workers for the clean-up and rebuilding later. Go to for information on how to assist. And pray; this won’t be over for weeks to come.

  2. DonGander says:

    Our business brought some generators up there for delivery this morning. The driver got in and out just fine. It is a very difficult situation even if the dikes hold. The colder weather seems to be a blessing.

    May God help them all.