In the Nether Reaches of Computer Hell

In case anyone is wondering, I have had two computers, one desktop and one laptop, descend into the abyss. It took an expert approximately 10 days to try to fix the laptop but now, upon its return, the screen doesn’t work. The desktop is still in the computer hospital. Apparently this is related to some ghastly ghoulish trojans. So, no, I am not running on all cylinders, and yes, could you please bear with me–KSH.


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7 comments on “In the Nether Reaches of Computer Hell

  1. dawson says:

    “Apparently this is related to some ghastly ghoulish trojans”
    perhaps you should call in some greek geeks.

  2. Grandmother says:

    The sick computers mean nothing, in light of your ability to post to this blog sans computers………
    I guess we should be afraid, very afraid………urk…………


  3. Milton says:

    Repeat after me, “McAfee, router with submask, real-time protection, System Guards on, regular full scans”. Though these days, sometimes even that may not be enough to win the cat-and-mouse game every time.

  4. Terry Tee says:

    Commiserations and BTW it makes me feel better if someone as skilled as you must be can still suffer this catastrophe. My desktop crashed a few days ago and I transferred the data to the laptop then discovered that I had three different versions of My Documents. Groan. Now sorted out but what a palaver …

  5. Daniel says:

    My wife’s computer had a similar infection a few weeks ago and it took me the better part of a week to correct it. Ask your tech. person if he/she has checked for a boot sector rootkit infection. The only way I was able to cure my wife’s machine was to boot from the XP installation CD, remove all the hidden files and rewrite the master boot record on the hard drive. Also, take a look at in the security forums section. I found lots of good information there.

    Don’t feel too bad. Most of the commercial anti-virus software can’t quite keep up with the newest and baddest malware out there.

  6. Fr. Greg says:

    “Beware of geeks bearing gifts”. You have my sympathy, empathy, and prayers.