A Rising Anger in India's Streets

At a trendy pub in this cosmopolitan IT capital, Hemangini Gupta, 28, and some of her girlfriends were recently relaxing with cocktails after work. A group of Hindu men later followed them outside, verbally accosting them for drinking in a public bar and for wearing jeans.

“These guys went psycho,” Gupta said. “This isn’t Afghanistan. But here in Bangalore, as a young woman on the streets, if you are driving a car or in a pub or dressed a certain way, you just feel this rising anger.”

The incident was mild compared with some of the violent assaults on women that have taken place here. The attacks are part of what many see as rising Hindu extremism in much of the country over the past few years, especially in places such as Bangalore, precisely because it is a bastion of India’s fast-changing culture. Bangalore is home to an explosion of software companies, a lively heavy-metal rock music scene and burgeoning gay rights and environmental movements.

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2 comments on “A Rising Anger in India's Streets

  1. Daniel says:

    So it’s O.K. to assault a woman for not dressing correctly, but you can’t touch a cow?! Somehow this seems counterintuitive.

  2. Katherine says:

    Hindu extremism is a worry. Extremist parties have been know to whip up their supporters into mob action. But it should be remembered that Hinduism is a huge and very diverse movement.