As if things weren't already interesting enough…

Although it’s not even a formal tropical depression, lots of folks are keeping an eye on a tropical disturbance just off the East Coast of Florida, which models currently have aiming towards Louisiana over the weekend. Things that make one go hmmmmm.


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21 comments on “As if things weren't already interesting enough…

  1. Revamundo says:

    I pray that New Orleans is not made to suffer further. I also pray there is no one who would take delight in storm or hurricane striking the city when the Bishops are there and consider it God’s will.

  2. The_Elves says:

    Amen to both your statements Revamundo. By posting the possible track map, it wasn’t in any way wishing a storm on the area. More like thinking: “neither New Orleans NOR the HoB meeting need this!”

    The “Hmmmm.” was like “oh boy, I’ll be watching this and really hope it dies or goes elsewhere!”

    I think the newest track now has the *possible* storm (and this is still totally only a possibility, not a reality) headed more towards the Texas coast.

  3. Revamundo says:

    [i]By posting the possible track map, it wasn’t in any way wishing a storm on the area. More like thinking: “neither New Orleans NOR the HoB meeting need this!” [/i]

    I understand and appreciate your comment. Forgive me for jumping to conclusions.

  4. Dacama says:

    I may be on the wrong blog but I am concerned here with energy prices.

  5. Sherri says:

    Prayers that this one fizzles and drizzles.Neither NOLA nor Florida needs another hurricane. Our temperatures are more autumn like this week (by GA standards) – maybe that will help.

  6. The_Elves says:

    For those who may be interested in more details, Dr. Jeff Master’s blog at Weather Underground is a good source:

  7. AnglicanFirst says:

    New Orleans has been an inundation waiting to happen and still is.

    I lived in the New Orleans suburb of Gretna, on the west bank of the Mississippi for six years during the 1980s.

    Back then, the local newspaper, the Times Picayune discussed in depth, New Orleans’ precarious situation as a densely populated city surrounded by dikes in a major flood plain and located in the potential path of killer tropical storms.

    What is there to say?

    The decent thing to do is to pray for the safety and well being of the city’s inhabitants and to hope that some sort of rational and economically feasible plan will be devised for ensuring their safety in their city or for helping them to find another place to live.

  8. The_Elves says:

    Indeed, Anglican First. You make good points. But we would urge commenters to please be careful not to turn this thread into a Katrina politics or “whether New Orleans should be redeveloped?” thread.

    This post was just meant to be a heads up to suggest folks keep an eye on what might develop and add this potential storm to the matters they are praying about in relation to New Orleans and the HoB meeting this week.

  9. Alice Linsley says:

    I suspect that there is already a storm of sorts in New Orleans.

  10. Jill C. says:

    According to a Dallas area meterologist if it does develop into a tropical storm it will probably hit Texas, not LA. But thanks for the reminder to pray for those in New Orleans this week. There is definitely a storm a-brewin’ that needs more than weathering!

  11. Violent Papist says:

    Maybe, it could be God’s way of cancelling the HOB meeting, thereby frustrating those who take ecclesiastical action based on artificial deadlines – as if man is in control, not God.

  12. JerryKramer says:

    Thank you for your prayers. We don’t even have gas money to evacuate out of here. Yes, this would most certainly affect gas prices, 40 percent of our Nation’s energy comes through the ports of South Louisiana. Please pray “Jerry” out into the Gulf. They’re talking about landfall on Saturday which means we may be looking at bugging out by Thursday. I’ll get my family and parishioners out of here best I can then stay behind to deal with whatever comes our way. Have alerted the parish . . . now we wait, watch and pray.

    Church of the Annunciation
    New Orleans

  13. Revamundo says:

    Jerry+, you, your family, and all your parishioners are in my prayers.

  14. Paula Loughlin says:

    I am in Port Saint Lucie Florida and the weather today has been miserable. I was awakened by a boom of thunder that rattled the house. The rain has continued off and on all day. So maybe the system has stalled over us. Typical late summer weather pattern.

  15. Katherine says:

    North Carolina needs rain desperately. We could use a few tropical storms up here.

  16. DonGander says:

    This storm is probably George Bush’s fault.

    The storm that the bishops find themselves in is the archbishop’s fault.

  17. Sherri says:

    I think Texas has been getting all the rain intended for the entire Southeast this year. 🙁

  18. NancyNH says:

    I intend to pray for those in East Texas as well. They have also had all the storms they can handle.

    So many people and places to pray for, it’s overwhelming to this prayer warrior.

  19. In Texas says:

    My brother-in-law lives 30 miles west of Beaumont, and his home suffered a lot of damage from Rita, which was finshed with repairs only 1 year ago. The eye of Humberto passed not too far from his home, and his new hurricane windows cracked, and they lost a small section of the roof. So, water damage again on the second floor and a little on the first – not as much as Rita, but still not good. East Texas does not need any more storms for a long time.

  20. Bob Lee says:

    Seems Niniva was flooded, also……..

  21. Florida Anglican [Support Israel] says:

    Gotta say it’s giving us some much needed rain here in central Florida. Steady light rain pretty much all day so far, and it’s supposed to do this all night and into tomorrow. Our water table really needed it. Thanks be to God!