The Oklahoma City Memorial

It was simply stunning. By far the most effective memorial I have ever been to anywhere. I am speechless. The amount of time and meticulous detail involved in the preperation of the memorial and the museum are a monumental tribute to this city. I was unprepared for the massive impact it would have on me, now more than twelve years later. If you are ever nearby in the future, please make plans to visit–you will not regret it–KSH.


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  1. MattJP says:

    I was just there for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I also found it stunning. I especially liked the quote they left on that building adjacent to the memorial: “Team 5, 4-19-95, We search for the truth. We seek justice. The courts require it. The victims cry for it. And God demands it!”


  2. MJD_NV says:

    I have not seen this completed, but witnessed its building when I was in Oklahoma City in 1999.
    Of course, we were there on May 3, during the famous tornado outbreak, which was an adventure in itself, but as a federal employee who’d lost comrades in the 95 bombing, I was determined to get to the site. The construction fences were covered in token memorials, to which my cousin and I added before we left to out run the tornados to the TX border. I swore that day I’d never return to Okalahoma City – but maybe once more is necessary, to see the finished memorial.

    Thanks for the link, Fr. Kendall.

  3. Kendall Harmon says:

    It is the detail and texture they provide which make it work. They have the only live recording of the bombing, incredibly from an Oklahome Water Resources Board Hearing. You go into a room and you listen to the three minutes from 9:00-9;03 as if you were in the room with those there in 1995. The sound of the explosion and the ensuing confusion is unforgettable.

  4. drjoan says:

    I was at the outdoor memorial about five years ago. In the silence that is generated by the quietness of those who visit, the memories of those who died are enhanced. The lone tree overlooks that reflecting pool and the seats as a guardian. It is awsome.

    Thanks, Kendall.

  5. Brad Drell says:

    I was there this past April, during the anniversary, for depositions in the City. I went to the memorial on the 20th, the day after the 12th anniversary and put a few pictures on my blog at the time. No pictures from the museum, though, as they ask that you don’t out of respect for the families.

  6. Dave C. says:

    I was working in a large two story building about 20 miles north of the Murrah building on the morning of the blast. The whole building shuddered noticably. There was quite a bit of damage beyond the Murrah building itself. Here are a few facts about the bombing that many people don’t realize:
    link okc faqs

    46.Were the churches on either side of the Memorial damaged badly?
    Yes. 324 buildings were damaged and 16 were destroyed. The churches both lost stained-glass windows and sustained extreme structural damage. It took 3 ¼ years for the restoration efforts to allow the churches to resume services.

    47.What happened to the orphaned children?
    There were 30 children orphaned as a result of the bombing and their families are currently raising all of the children. No orphaned children entered the state foster care system.

  7. Dee in Iowa says:

    Kendall – did you see the life size statue of Jesus on the RC Church, which had it’s parish hall demolished in the bombing? When I was there, Jesus’ back was to the bombing site, his head was bowed, and the inscription was “Jesus wept” (shortest verse in Bible)…..this was erected on the church lot before the memorial was built….hope you didn’t miss it……

  8. Kendall Harmon says:

    Saw it, Dee. I would have liked to have jesus looking TOWARD rather than away from the area of the blast.

  9. Dee in Iowa says:

    Do wonder who made the decison regarding the statue’s direction. But I can see it either way – Jesus looking straight into the evil of it, and Jesus so very sad He turned away and wept….kind of like the emotions most feel when visiting the memorial – extreme anger and total sadness, all at the same time. Glad you were able to see it and the memorial on your quick visit…

  10. Brad Drell says:

    Well, Jesus is facing the niches in the black wall, one for each victim of the bombing. In any event, there is a plaque there that states while Jesus may be turned away from the bombing, he is turned toward the niches of the victims, and that Jesus never turns from his people, or something like that.