We Lost Power and Phone

Ice and sleet and freezing rain-fun, fun, fun.


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3 comments on “We Lost Power and Phone

  1. Laura R. says:

    I’m really sorry to hear that. I’m in Atlanta, where the main problem is trying to drive — anywhere, at all. Most of the city seems to be shut down, and it looks like a lot of us are going to be staying at home inside over the next few days. I hope you get your power and phone back very soon.

  2. TACit says:

    How difficult this must be for those in a region unused to snow and cold at all! Two years ago at Christmas this was our situation at my elderly mother’s in upstate NY. We all had for her health’s sake to live in a hotel for several days until the power was returned, and the phones took another week (different cause). Cell pones worked at least. Spent some of the time reminiscing about how we had lived through the ‘great ice storm’ in about 1960, and the like. All best wishes for speedy repairs and recovery of normal life.

  3. BlueOntario says:

    I was out in Charleston harbor over the past blustery weekend. I was a bit surprised Sunday morning before I left to see some hefty icicles on a dock where a worker had left a faucet flowing. I heard rumors about worse to come and drove back Sunday afternoon and night to my home in the already frozen north.

    My prayers for all y’all. Freezing rain is not nice. I hope the others I was with got home alright as well.