CEN–15 Archbishops skip Dublin primates meeting

While the commitment to the Communion remains strong, there is less of a tie to the current Archbishop of Canterbury, the Church of England Newspaper has learned.

The tenor of conversation among the boycotting Primates centres round the realisation that Dr Williams is unable, and apparently unwilling, to resolve the Anglican crisis. Dr Williams’ successes in persuading conservatives to go along, will not be repeated this time due to their absence. The “rump” meeting in Dublin 2011 has already been dismissed as illegitimate by some of the boycotting Primates, who represent 40 of the Communion’s 55 million active Anglicans.

Past undertakings given at the 2005, 2007 and 2009 Primates’ Meeting have not been fulfilled one Primate noted. It was not just around issues of human sexuality that action did not follow upon words, but in resolutions ranging from the appointment of an envoy to Zimbabwe to promises to mediate the Brazilian split.

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2 comments on “CEN–15 Archbishops skip Dublin primates meeting

  1. Ann McCarthy says:

    Nicely written.

  2. Old Guy says:

    When I read the speeches of the Presiding Bishop, I keep coming away with the strong conviction that she is not Christian. Matt 7:21-23. I don’t think that is true for all Liberal Anglicans, but to the extent an Episcopalian is a Christian, I can’t see why they would not object to her leadership. I do not know what the ABC is doing.
    But I have come to the conclusion that, for Orthodox Anglicans, this growing Anglican Separation is a good and exciting thing. For the last several decades, we have been politically beaten and scattered like Judah after the Fall of Jerusalem–perhaps as a result of God’s judgment on us as well. Maybe, through His mercy, He is now giving us a chance to reform into something much better. If so, I am ready to get started, even though it could take generations to complete correctly. Plus, we need to see the dangers that can arise in Orthodoxy. The Sadducees and Pharisees were part of how Judah survived, and Jesus was very very hard on them. I don’t think this is a condemnation of Orthodoxy, just a pointing out of the sins that they are uniquely subject to. Hopefully, the same Bible which will help us reform, if faithfully and humbly followed, will help us be aware and avoid these same problems.