Congratulations to Novak Djokovic for winning the Australian Open Final

I got a chance to see the second half of the match–he played really well. Read it all–KSH.


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4 comments on “Congratulations to Novak Djokovic for winning the Australian Open Final

  1. Terry Tee says:

    Kendall, you are an honorary Brit, so how can you be so congratulatory? He beat our home-grown Great Hope, Andy Murray. Poor Andy, perpetual runner-up at grand slam. We hoped this would be a break-through. There is lots of hand-wringing here in the UK not least in his native Scotland. (BTW did my ears deceive me or does he sometimes sound American now when interviewed?)

  2. Kendall Harmon says:

    I felt bad for Andy, Terry. Djokovic even got a lot of the bounces and net cords. It was clearly his day.

  3. Chris Molter says:

    Don’t fret.. Andy’s still young.. and his game is just now starting to really develop fully.. Djokovic is the same age, but his game developed a little quicker.. Hopefully As Federer slows down and Nadal falls apart physically, Andy will have more than a few shots at one of the Slams (Australia being the best chance for him, IMO)

  4. evan miller says:

    I’m a diehard Federer fan, and once he was eliminated, I no longer was strongly partisan for any of those remaining. I like both Andy and Novak, both of whom work very hard at their game, but find Novak the more personable of the two. I’m happy for him and thought his victory remarks were very gracious and gentlemanly. I feel badly for Andy, having wanted a Brit to finally win a grand slam, but I think he will get there eventually. His post match remarks were gracious and sportsmanlike as well. Good for them both, two class acts. Such an improvement on the days of Connors, McEnroe, Nastase, etc.!