(Church Times [I]) Archbishop Rowan Williams plans trips to mend fences

The Archbishop of Canterbury will engage in a round of shuttle diplomacy in an attempt to improve relations with the Global South primates who boycotted last week’s primates’ Meeting.

Speaking during the closing press conference at the Emmaus Centre, near Dublin, on Sunday afternoon, Dr Williams spoke of his plans to visit some of the provinces of the absent Primates, such as South-East Asia. He said that he had recently met the Archbishop of Kenya, Dr Eliud Wabukala, one of the Primates who did not attend, taking part in “a very long and detailed conversation on a variety of matters”.

Such diplomatic endeavours would be a “long task”, he said; and trying to keep the diverse Com­munion together was “difficult”; but “the task we’ve been given, it’s part of the gift of living in the Church” and “part of the cross we carry”.

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17 comments on “(Church Times [I]) Archbishop Rowan Williams plans trips to mend fences

  1. RMBruton says:

    I am sure that Anderson Cooper is already planning on leaving Cairo to be there and follow every step of this vital story.

  2. dwstroudmd+ says:

    Any way to drag it out to give the appearances, ABC, any way. Having squandered the Communion thus far, why not keep it up? Retirement is closer than ever. Just a few more weary months, eh?

  3. iambutone says:

    A Christian Church that continues to leave Jesus out of the picture does not offer its’ people anything of value.

  4. Larry Morse says:

    Query: Is the ABC simply lost to reality or is this speech cynical? It is hard to read and believe any of it. Larry

  5. David Keller says:

    Is he going to visit me? I’m pretty disaffected at the moment.

  6. Undergroundpewster says:


    You might deserve a visit. Are you diverse? Are you a primate? Is the weather nice?

  7. tired says:

    ” Dr Williams spoke of his plans to visit some of the provinces of the absent Primates,…”

    Which will provide a perfect opportunity for the ABC to make winsome statements in private that will never bear fruit in action, or ever be replicated in public.


  8. rugbyplayingpriest says:

    there is no point walking anywhere to preach unless your walking is your preaching.

  9. j.m.c. says:

    Is the good nation of Kenya sure it wants to grant this tricky fella a visa?

  10. David+ says:

    You have been lied to, manipulated, have your decisions turned to water or ignored, and attended meetings where the agenda has been preordined and the vote stacked against you. Surely it would be a breach of our common bonds of affection for you now to feel betrayed and dealing with untrustworthy people. After all, aren’t we all Christians? And a voice boomed from out of the cloud saying, “No way, no how!”

  11. David Keller says:

    #6–(1) I may not be diverse, but I am eclectic. (2) I love the monkey exhibit at the zoo. (3) It isn’t right now, but I can meet him at the beach. Thanks.

  12. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    [blockquote]Archbishop Rowan Williams plans trips to mend fences[/blockquote]
    Makes a change from sitting on them.

  13. cramner says:

    “part of the cross we carry”.
    That’s the unconscious giveaway.

  14. lostdesert says:

    To the ABC, stay home. You are not wanted. Your words are only words, you stand for nothing. We have left. I am no longer a member of TEC. So sorry for what I have lost. You do not care, and you know you do not, as you have no moral courage.

  15. St. Nikao says:

    His Grace’s travel retinue is sure to include multiple personnel connected to the Continuing Indaba Project (translated: homosex and abortion propaganda project) who will be very busy, busy, busy at each of His Grace’s stops establishing, educating and equipping little strongholds of Indaba (gay/abortion) activists in each region he visits….spreading Indaba like a plague wherever he goes.

  16. Cennydd13 says:

    Meaning Schori & Company and their cohorts will be with him to make sure he does what he’s told to do.

  17. Bookworm(God keep Snarkster) says:

    Best of luck with the fence-mending. In a most unChristian, elitist way, this man has, to paraphrase other bloggers too, demonstrated that he has no problems putting minority Western devils with checkbooks in charge, and only gives the Global South(the majority, too, by the way) the time of day when the Communion wants to claim “diversity”.

    And the elitism is for the birds. The number of Global South bishops, e.g., who went to Oxford may well just be a significant number.