Church of Ireland Gazette Editorial–The Primates' Meeting

The Anglican Communion needs to get beyond its difficulties over sexuality issues and to focus, as the Primates did at the Emmaus Centre, on much wider issues, not least the mission of the Church. While also addressing the unity of the Communion, which touches not least the proposed Anglican Covenant, the discussions at this Primates’ Meeting were indeed wide-ranging.

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5 comments on “Church of Ireland Gazette Editorial–The Primates' Meeting

  1. BlueOntario says:

    Yes, well, there it is: The Covenant. All that other stuff is trivia.

  2. rugbyplayingpriest says:

    The patient needs to get away from looking at the cancer eating away their bones and focus on the important stuff like getting to work and making freinds…

    To suggest one should move on from an unresolved issue that is tearing the fabric of the communion is simply ridiculous!

  3. Bookworm(God keep Snarkster) says:

    Such is the life of massive alcoholic systems. “Let’s just act like it’s all not happening”…

  4. Jeff Thimsen says:

    This makes perfect sense if you assume that sexual issues are morally neutral, the position taken by Spong’s Koinania paper in 1997.

  5. jamesw says:

    Well, we can at least answer their questions about the Covenant:

    A big question about the Covenant is just what impact it would have on the Communion:

    Would it help the Communion overcome its difficulties?


    Would it make no difference?


    Would it create new difficulties?

    Probably not, as it will be a completely irrelevant document that nobody will pay attention to. Its sole purpose now is to be a distraction.

    Whatever people’s views on the Covenant, the General Synod is due to reach a position on it next May.

    And the decision of the General Synod will have about as much meaning and significance as the drivel released at the Dublin Primates’ Meeting.