A.S. Haley–Wikileaks: New Disclosures re: 815's Strategy for South Carolina

[Note: If J.R.R. Tolkien ever took refuge in satire, I am unaware of it. However, in writing the series of recent posts about the coming constitutional crisis in ECUSA and the spurious defense of the new Title IV offered by its drafters, my despair and forebodings, tinged with images from Tolkien’s Mordor, eventually overcame my good sense, and the following piece is the result. I offer it in the same sense that Jonathan Swift published his “Modest Proposal”: in the hope that by taking things to this extreme, what actually occurs may not be anywhere near as bad as depicted.]

Read it all.


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3 comments on “A.S. Haley–Wikileaks: New Disclosures re: 815's Strategy for South Carolina

  1. Cennydd13 says:

    Well, the ‘Top Secret’ communication isn’t Top Secret any more. GOOD!

  2. Cennydd13 says:

    After reading this, it is clearly evident….to me, at least….that KJS intends to lower the boom on +Mark Lawrence and his diocese, and she’s looking for an excuse to do just that. This is predicated, of course, on whether or not the content of this letter to the PB Advisory Council is authentic.

  3. Rogue Saint says:

    It was so clear from the beginning what Mark Lawrences intentions were. And the homophobes howled when he was initially denied consents. Oh yes, he is going to be a faithful member of TEC. Yes, and the worries of the faithful Episcopalians are coming true. He continues to try and lead the diocese out of TEC. Why didn’t he just become a bishop in ACNA? Oh yes, power. And don’t anyone try to convince yourself or others otherwise, he wanted an Episcopal diocese under his thumb so he would have weight. If you don’t think he had an agenda from day one, well, you are a typical Fox News watching robot.