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It had the makings of a B horror movie: Crazed deer crashes through window and, bloodied but undeterred, careers through the halls terrorizing a school in a quiet New Jersey suburb.

But that is exactly what happened yesterday at the Lloyd Road Elementary School in Aberdeen when a 200-pound buck raced through a class of fifth graders and wandered the halls the way a gaggle of errant students would ”” ducking into the nurse’s office and some other rooms ”” before being shepherded out a back door.

It was just before 10 a.m., and Bonnie McCullough and Brenda Adelson were immersed in a vocabulary lesson with their class of 18 fifth graders.

“We heard this crash; I didn’t know what to make of it,” Ms. McCullough said. “It sounded like glass breaking, and I didn’t have time to look too much, and there was this brown blur.”

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9 comments on “From the No Comment Department

  1. AnglicanFirst says:

    Since this is the rutting season for white tail deer, the buck may have seen his image in a large glass door or window and charged at his image thinking that he was charging a male competitor.

    Result, smashed glass and a romp through the school.

  2. Paula Loughlin says:

    Bambie’s Back And This Time He’s Mad As Hell.
    They Killed His Mother,
    They Set Fire To His Forest,
    They Came With Guns, Matches, Invading His World.
    Now He Invades Theirs.
    No More Mr. Nice Deer.
    He Has A 12 Point Rack And Knows How To Use It.
    Cause This Time Man Is Going Down.
    The Old Hunting Season Is Over And A New One Is Opening.

  3. Mike Bertaut says:

    Get ready for more incidents of this type. The total number of licensed hunters in the U.S. has been dropping steadily for the last 15 years, as has the total number of deer taken. Tags available for hunters have been going up steadily each year, but fewer and fewer or taken.

    Last night, driving home on a hugely busy stretch of I-10 between Lafayette and Baton Rouge I saw THREE (yes 3) deer grazing about 10 feet from the charging 18 wheelers and speeding cars right at twilight. If the noise and commotion bothered them, they surely weren’t showing it.


  4. Bill C says:

    We have about 3 acrea of land and about 2/3 of an acre of lawn. For the very first time in the twenty years we’ve lived here we have a group of three deer coming into our yard and literally ‘hanging out’. I’ve bought NO HUNTING signs to put around our poperty. Bear sightings are also on the increase. One bear broke down a door and got into a nearby house.

  5. Africanised Anglican says:

    May I propose:
    as an excellent solution to this problem?

    (Hat tip to Stephan Pyles, Head Chef, Star Canyon Restaurant, Dallas: [i]The New Texas Cuisine[/i])

  6. NWOhio Anglican says:

    This is actually pretty dangerous; they’re lucky no one was hurt.

    [url=]A man was killed in Georgia just the other week by a buck deer[/url].

  7. Jim the Puritan says:

    This same thing happened in a clothing store in the small college town in Massachusetts where I was going to school. The buck got badly cut going through the plate glass display window, and had to be put down by the police. Since this happened during deer season, the speculation was that he was somehow scared into town by the sound of hunters’ guns. This was 30 years ago.

  8. Chip Johnson, cj says:


    I am glad to see that you still have your ‘wicked wit’. That is a great article. We have 8 and even a few 12 point mule deer bucks in town, they live here year round, and some have petitioned the city aldermen to allow hunting inside the town limits.

    We have just obtained 20 acres a few miles out of town and have fresh elk scat and tracks, right around the land I’ve cleared for our house, kennel and barns. ‘Twill truly be a great spot for retreats, after we get Ruah established in a few years.

  9. anglicanlutenist says:

    Just goes to show you that uncle Walt really didn’t have much of a hand in creation, did he?