Developments in Fort Worth this week (II)–Court moves closer to settling bond question

From here:

In a hearing Thursday afternoon, April 28, in the 141st District Court, the Hon. John Chupp postponed his previous order for the Diocese and Corporation to surrender all property, which would have taken effect on May 5, to an indefinite date in the future. He denied the plaintiffs’ request for extensive additional discovery, limiting his mandate to the taking of a single deposition.

The judge approved only the request to take the deposition of Jane Parrott, the Diocese’s Director of Finance. Her deposition is to be taken before Thursday, May 19, which Judge Chupp set as the next hearing date.

“They’ve got a right to do discovery,” said the judge. “I think I have to let them do this.”

But, in response to the plaintiffs’ six-page statement of requests, he added, “we’ll just have Mrs. Parrott [give her deposition].”

As discussion progressed, the judge set a limit of six hours for the deposition, authorizing only questions relating to the amount, if any, of a supersedeas bond which the Diocese may be ordered to post during the period of our appeal.

The parties will return to court on May 19, at which time the judge is expected to make his decision concerning the bond.

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