Daily Blog Tip: Printer Friendly Format for articles

A reader yesterday asked for printer-friendly versions of articles. We’ve set it up.

Sometimes there really are benefits to letting the elves know your ideas for improving Titusonenine. Yesterday a reader mentioned the trouble he was having printing articles (all the sidebar info was taking up pages, etc.). So, we’ve set up a printer friendly format to view articles. Now in the gray bar at the bottom of every article with the post time and comment information, you’ll see two links:
— Printer Friendly
— Print w Comments

Printer Friendly will take you to a view of the full article so you can print it without lots of extra blog information. Print with Comments will take you to the article and its comments.

Note, you can also access both of these links from WITHIN the article view. If you have clicked on the title of an article, or on the comments link, you will see the printer-friendly links in the gray bar that shows the comment total.

Hopefully articles will print cleanly. If we have to make changes to formatting (margins?) please let us know. We’re glad to try and help, so do continue to let us know what features you would find helpful. Sometimes we can actually figure out how to do them.

Don’t forget, you can always find all of the recent admin posts about blog features by clicking on the blog features category.

FYI: Generally we will make “Blog Tips” posts “sticky ” (meaning they stay at the top of the page, even when newer articles are posted) for one day, and then they will revert to their normal chronological place. We expect the volume of admin info / blog tips posts will taper off very sharply within a few days. So those of you who are getting sick of such verbosity from the elves, just a bit more patience, then we’ll go back to our evil comment moderating role!

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