Tech Note: The Living Church website has been upgraded

Hi all. As we noted in the comments on one of the threads below, we were having trouble accessing the Living Church’s website earlier today. We’ve since learned via e-mail that those problems were due to a site upgrade. We’ve just now been able to get into the new site and it looks terrific.

Here’s the news page link:

Here’s a section for online exclusive features:

We’re still having trouble accessing the TLC home page:, which is taking us to the TLC’s hosting company instead. It may just take awhile for the site upgrade to “propagate” throughout the web, or we might need to clear out our browser cache.

Be sure to update your bookmarks for the new site. (The news page link is new, for instance). It looks terrific! Congrats and thanks to the TLC team.


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3 comments on “Tech Note: The Living Church website has been upgraded

  1. Clayton Ingalls says:

    The only upgrade that I really want them to make, the didn’t make. All I want for Christmas is a little RSS.

  2. stjohnsrector says:

    Email the webmaster and suggest it. We are always looking for suggestions to improve the offerings of the Foundation’s publications.
    Fr. Steven J. Kelly, SSC
    Living Church Foundation Board Member

  3. says:

    Ditto #1. I’ve emailed TLC in the past about setting up an RSS feed. No responses so far. Would be a huge help.