Uruguay Elects Bishop Coadjutor

In the 29th Extraordinary Synod held in Holy Trinity Cathedral, Montevideo, on December 9, 2011, an ample majority elected the Venerable Dr. Michael Pollesel as Bishop Coadjutor. Pollesel is the recent past General Secretary of the Anglican Church of Canada, has functioned as secretary to the Metropolitan Council for Cuba, and has been a frequent visitor to the diocese. Bishop Peter Bartlett of Paraguay was the supervisor of the election for the Province. All candidates standing for election had to subscribe to the 1998 Lambeth resolution I.10 on human sexuality as a basis for eligibility.

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One comment on “Uruguay Elects Bishop Coadjutor

  1. New Reformation Advocate says:

    It’s good to see that even the Anglican Communion News Service mentions that all candidates for the position had to sign in writing their endorsement of the famous 1998 Lambeth Conference Resolution (1.10) on upholding biblical views of sexual behavior.

    However, there was nothing in this brief report on the request of the Diocese of Uruguay to seek another provincial home, since the diocese supports WO, but the province of the Southern Cone doesn’t allow it. Does anyone know how things stand on that realignment request?

    Anyway, it’s great to see that an orthodox Canadian has been elected, i.e., it shows that there still remains a faithful remnant in the ACoC. Of course, we knew that, not least because of the strong witness of Wycliffe College in Toronto. But it’s still nice to see further evidence that not all Canadians have gone over to “the Dark Side.” Canada’s loss is now Uruguay’s gain.

    David Handy+