A BBC Article on the FCA Conference in London

Leaders of a worldwide dissident Anglican movement are meeting in London to discuss how to sustain traditional Christian beliefs.

The Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA) grew out of concern over developments in some national Churches.

Many Anglicans, particularly in Africa, object to the ordination of [partnered] gay bishops in the US.

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4 comments on “A BBC Article on the FCA Conference in London

  1. francis says:

    “Dissident Anglicans” holding “traditional beliefs”; how quaint!

  2. cseitz says:

    I thought the ‘only game in town’ language was +Nazir-Ali’s. Leaving aside its accuracy, it just sounds a bit minimalist on my ear — ‘well, we’re all that’s left’.

  3. dwstroudmd+ says:

    Twenty nine countries, eh? Were there that many at Lambeth – the “inadaba” preordained non-outcome event? And we all know that the majority of Anglicans live outside the Western world and not in the supra-equatorial North, so it would seem on the face of that many leaders certain other groups would be the dissidents (even if they are the imperialistic remnant of bygone times). But dissident is in the mouth of those in power as George Orwell so plainly demonstrated in 1984…newspeak.

  4. MichaelA says:

    Not only was “only game in town” said by +Nazir-Ali, as #2 correctly points out, but it was said in a particular context i.e. the failure of the Anglican Covenant to gain clear acceptance.

    The article states the phrase devoid of context, and the reader is left to draw any conclusion he or she wishes.