FCA London Meeting–First Media Conference Audio

“Archbishops Wabukala, Okoh and Jensen speak about the media release at the opening of the FCA Leaders meeting and about the position of chairman at Anglican Primates meetings.”

Listen to it all.


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One comment on “FCA London Meeting–First Media Conference Audio

  1. c.r.seitz says:

    I seriously hope progress can be made on clarifying the terms being used. Conciliarism and confessionalism may have an overlap, but they are not the same things. One gets a sense in listening to this that serious confusion could emerge, and also be taken advantage of. On the one hand, the Jerusalem Declaration is being held up as ‘the only game in town’ and it will somehow–this is not made procedurally clear–rule out TEC formally. At the same time, it is being said that a new ‘chairman’ will be in charge of Primates Meetings, and this person will be chosen conciliarly — that is, by letting the ‘council’ of Primates so decide. But conciliar deciding is done by allowing room for a decision process to unfold, not by holding the process up against a confessional template. So, a ‘TEC PB’ is not given a significant role in Primates Meetings (e.g.) because the Primates have themselves so decided, not because people signed onto a declaration (or not) and then they took a vote subsequently that led to this or that outcome. One can be in favor of a confessional anglicanism as it appears Jensen and others are. But this is not the same thing logically as affirming conciliarism (as in the Orthodox Churches, etc). It is also inaccurate to call the origins and development of a covenant a London thing, as against the JD as a communion thing. The covenant may have become compromised by ‘London’ 9to use the language) but SE Asia, e.g., and S Cone clarified another way for the covenant to function conciliarly. To say the Declaration is ‘the only game in town’ begs questions and makes it sound like it has to work because it is all that is left — not a very Gospel sounding reason to move in a particular direction.