Germany and Portugal advance to the Euro 2012 quarterfinals

I tried to watch both at the same time (which was a challenge). These two teams deserved to go through; nice to see Ronaldo have a good game.


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3 comments on “Germany and Portugal advance to the Euro 2012 quarterfinals

  1. David Keller says:

    When I read the headline I wasnt sure if it was about soccer or bank bailouts!

  2. Brad M says:

    I only watched Portugal live and scanned the DVR recorded game for Germany/Holland. I prefer to watch Germany only if I have to – a hangover from my dad being in Europe for 3 1/2 years straight during WWII. Also, I lived in Portugal for a year as a teen and am very fond of the people.

  3. Terry Tee says:

    The Portuguese team was full of fire and tenacious. The Dutch team, said commentators, had lots of stars but was unable to pull its act together.