[Church Times] Ordinariate pays back £1 million to Anglican charity

The Ordinariate has paid back a £1-million grant it received from the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament (News, 8 July 2011) after the Charity Commission ruled that the payment was “unauthorised”.

The Commission announced the conclusion of its investigation of the grant yesterday. Its statement says that the decision to make a grant to the Ordinariate, a Roman Catholic body for former Anglicans, “was taken at an inquorate meeting, the majority of the trustees having a (financial) personal interest in the decision” and was “in breach of the charity’s governing document”.

Since the meeting was inquorate, it says, the decision to award the money was “invalid. There was no valid exercise of the power to make a gift to the Ordinariate and the payment was unauthorised.”

Read it all and the Charity Commission case report is here


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  1. LfxN says:

    It needn’t have gone to The Commission…