Open Thread: Tell us about an interesting experience you have had recently with an Opinion

Opinions can be received in mixed ways, they can be disruptive, helpful, debate-forming, but they may also be deeply misleading and cause controversy. Is it appropriate to have opinions? Might they be dangerous? Do you tell other people about your opinions or do you keep them to yourself? Are you ashamed of your opinions or proud of them? Should other people be allowed to have opinions or should they be avoided at all costs?
Tell us about a recent experience of yours, and here to get you started is a helpful guide to the process which may help you form an opinion:
[blockquote]Most of us enter a number of discussions each day where ideas are floated around, topics are debated, and controversial issues are discussed. To have a solid basis for your opinion on these issues and topics, you should know how to form an opinion on the subject, and here are a few steps which may help:

1. Choose the subject, or issue you feel the need to have an opinion about. This may be anything from whether to fish live baits or artificial lures, the best basketball team, or which religion (or none) you will follow. Opinions come in many levels of importance.

2. Look at the process of forming an opinion as an internal argument with yourself, a mental debate, so to speak. This means looking at all sides of the issue, pro and con.

3. Learn about the subject. You may be satisfied to read only one article at an online website, or you may research for hours, but until you understand all of the sides of this hypothetical argument, your opinion should not become a conviction.[/blockquote]
Learn more… and if you feel confident to share your experience of having an opinion please feel free to comment below


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