[BBC] Robert Pigott: Cardinal Keith O'Brien resigns as Archbishop

Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic cleric, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, is stepping down as leader of the Scottish Catholic Church.

It follows claims, which he contests, of inappropriate behaviour towards priests dating back to the 1980s.

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9 comments on “[BBC] Robert Pigott: Cardinal Keith O'Brien resigns as Archbishop

  1. Ad Orientem says:

    Sad, though not terribly surprising. One good thing is that he is also bowing out of the conclave.

  2. magnolia says:

    allegations are not facts; ‘innapropriate’ conduct 30 years ago could be construed many ways.

  3. Ad Orientem says:

    It would be fair to say he has been convicted of nothing. But these are not solo allegations by some gold digger looking for a quick settlement in court. They are accusations by three current priests and one former. That carries weight. In addition we have his sudden resignation and his decision not to attend the forthcoming conclave.

    Where there is smoke there is usually fire.

  4. Charles52 says:

    I hold no particular brief for Card. O’Brien, but the concurrent accusations by four men at a particular time could demonstrate collusion as easily as guilt. I know of a case where four boys accused a teacher of molestation, then withdrew the charges and admitted they were just mad at her. In a small town, her career – indeed her life – were ruined. On the other hand, this is not his first conclave, but in 2005, he was considered something of a liberal. Today he is on record opposing gay marriage, which makes him a target.

    I don’t know if he hit on those guys or not (which would be a sin, not a crime, in any case) back in the 80s, and I haven’t seen anything that sways me on way or another. He could have done it, of course, but maybe not.

  5. magnolia says:

    i beg to differ no. 3, why wait until now to accuse of inappropriate behaviour? what is inappropriate anyway? were they molested or propositioned?
    this scandal has been going on for some years now, i find it highly suspicious that they would come forward just now without even being specific about what was going on. a knee jerk reaction is not surprising considering everything that’s gone on. it’s difficult to tell fact from fiction in this whole affair.

  6. Ad Orientem says:

    The debate is rather moot as the Cardinal has confessed to making homosexual advances on the men in question.

  7. magnolia says:

    i checked out the link no. 6 and do not find a free and full confession only an inference. he may indeed be guilty and if so then shame on him, but i still find it more than curious that they would ALL wait until now to speak up.

  8. Ad Orientem says:

    The linked news story is quite old. He has subsequently confessed. It was widely reported in the press and media.

  9. magnolia says:

    doh! sorry then, i thought you had included a link to the confession.