Two new blog views

Two new ways to view the blog, especially for those using mobile phones or hand-held devices.

Headlines only:
Print-Friendly text:

Here are two other possibilities for viewing T19:

A “Mobile” Template for those who want to see the latest headlines (with links to full stories) and comment totals at a glance with no text or sidebar.

And the Print-Friendly view we linked yesterday. (Note this link is now in the sidebar under Blog Tips & Info). The text of the entries from the main page without the sidebar.

The mobile template especially still may be rough. Comments and critiques welcome.


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9 comments on “Two new blog views

  1. fatherlee says:


  2. fatherlee says:

    Is there a way that the articles linked from the mobile page could be in a format without the calendar and the archives and the links?

  3. fatherlee says:

    Eureka! Could you simply link the links on the mobile page to the printer-friendly version?

  4. The_Elves says:

    Sure Fatherlee. I think I can do that. Give me a few minutes.

  5. fatherlee says:

    Works like a charm! Thanks Elves!

  6. The_Elves says:

    Fatherlee, the link in the mobile view now points to the “print_w_comments” view, which includes the text of any comments but doesn’t include a comment box, and I really don’t want to add a comment box to either the print view or print_w_comments view, since it defeats the point of a print-friendly format with minimal clutter.

    But, I’ve added a link where you can comment, that will take you to the article view including the sidebar.

  7. fatherlee says:

    Cool! It’s tough to comment on the mobile, but very nice to be able to see comments.

  8. Ross says:

    The “mobile” view looks great on my phone — a Qtek 8500 (same device as the Cingular 3125), running Windows Mobile 5. Thanks!

  9. The_Elves says:

    Glad it’s helpful and working well for folks. It was pretty easy. Adapted the archive page.