Pope Francis shunned official papal apartments to live 'normal life'

Pope Francis has revealed for the first time the reasons for his decision to shun the official papal apartments and instead live in a much more modest Vatican ‘hotel’.

He has told a friend that he likes being in daily contact with ordinary people, does not want to be isolated and enjoys sitting down to meals with visiting clergy.

The Pope, 76, who on first seeing the papal apartments reportedly exclaimed “But there is room here for 300 people!” hinted that the arrangement may be permanent.

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3 comments on “Pope Francis shunned official papal apartments to live 'normal life'

  1. art says:

    What a shame the Church was not exposed to this kind of approach to papal ministry these past 1000+ years. History might have turned out rather differently – just as it might now take a few unexpected turns thanks to this man. We shall watch and pray!

  2. Cennydd13 says:

    Evidently, Francis I saw the Papal apartments as being overly pretentious in light of the fact that Catholic clergy supposedly live according to vows of poverty, and he’s right in setting an example for the rest of them to follow.

  3. Charles52 says:

    Diocesan clergy do not take a vow of poverty. They don’t make a lot of money, but if they have family money, or other income such as book sales, it’s theirs. If they want to have a beach house, they can. Many have. On the other hand, we are seeing more bishops living in the Cathedral rectory, or an apartment in the chancery.

    Religious Order priests do vow poverty, but often the Order becomes wealthy and poverty becomes a technicality. In any case, this pope is, first and last, a pastor who wants to be close to his people. That’s a good thing.