(CT) Craig Bubeck–The Whole Gospel in One Word–God's Love

The more I realize God’s love in thought and practice, the more I am transformed into his holiness, putting away childish rationalizations and hyperboles of justice, wrath, guilt, and fear. In our holy God’s economy, there is no counterpoint or equal to love. Everything that is truth comes down to love and is measured by it””everything! There is not a single piece of Scripture or theology that should be understood without the context of God’s love.
It should sadden us deeply that we Christians can be so prone to distrust love””to respond, “Well yes, love, but . . .”
If Christianity is not all about love, it is nothing but another impotent human religious construct: a loud and annoyingly cymbal. Because love is not rude, it cannot roll its eyes against the persistent pleas of a prodigal’s mother. Neither is it self-seeking, prioritizing the protection of those within from those without. And love keeps no record of wrongs, even of daughters who are unrepentantly living in God’s wrath.
For grown-up Christian thinking, there can be no alternative. There is no “but” to God’s love.

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