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GAFCON conference program

Anglican Ink – with live reporting from Fr. George Conger (Gafcon stories) [Anglican Ink homepage (some GAFCON stories are at this link, not the other)]
ACNA’s GAFCON page (click on the daily tabs for each day’s news & photos)
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VIDEOS: Anglican TV:
Live Feed videocasts
Anglican TV – archived videos
*IMPORTANT*: There are several GAFCON videos on KevinKallsen’s YouTube page that are not yet archived at AnglicanTV.
GAFCON videos page (Vimeo)

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GAFCON Facebook page
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Photo album from the GAFCON site (with captions!)
[** NEW **] George Conger’s GAFCON II Photo Album at Flickr {see note on copyright here.)

BLOGS: (focusing on first-person blog entries by those attending the conference)
David Ould
Juicy Ecumenicism (IRD blog) – reporting by Jeff Walton & Faith McDonnell
21st Century Anglican
I am not the man (Nigel Fortescue, Australia)
Fr. George Conger’s blog (includes his stories for publications like the Church Times, etc.)
LRM (Laurel Moffatt, Sydney Australia) [*updated link*]
**Bishop Mark Lawrence’s blog
Restoration Anglican Church blog (Arlington, VA)
Does Anyone Read These Things? (St. Timothy’s Anglican, Burlington, VT)
Blog of St. John’s Working, UK
Jolly Monk blog
Rob Munro’s blog
The Beach Blog (Bishop Foley Beach)
[New]The Rev. Shari Hobby (Trinity Anglican, Thomasville Georgia) [Reports on church facebook page]
[New] Updates from John W Yates III (Holy Trinity Anglican, Raleigh NC)

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Sunday Oct 20 – Opening Worship & Primates Meeting with ABC
** Video: Abp. Welby Addresses GAFCON (Oct. 20)
** Notes of Archbishop Justin’s sermon to GAFCON Primates in Nairobi
50 great pictures from Oct. 20th service at Cathedral (ACNA facebook page)
** TRANSCRIPT: Archbishop Jensen’s address to the archbishops’ luncheon with Justin Welby
** VIDEO: Archbishop Jensen’s address to the archbishops’ luncheon with Justin Welby [12:12]

DAY 1: Monday Oct 21:
Day 1 Press Release: Nairobi conference confirms major realignment in Anglican Communion
Monday Oct 21 Daily Digest (ACNA)
GAFCON 2: Monday 21st October (Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream)
October 21 photos – ACNA facebook page
** Video: Monday highlights (Gafcon)
** Video: Opening Press Conference (Oct 21) [There is also a short 3 minute compilation of excerpts from the Day 1 Press Conferencewatch it here.]
** David Ould: Gafcon Day 1- The Church Gathered and a Firm Word for Abp Welby
Laurel Moffatt: GAFCON Day One in Living Colour
Bishop Mark Lawrence: Jottings from GAFCONII
**GAFCON Feature Article: Legacy of East African Revival Frames GAFCON Opening Night
** Video: Abp. Wabukala welcomes delegates to Kenya [7:41]
** Video: Abp Jensen Opens the GAFCON Conference (including roll call of nations) [22 minutes]
GAFCON DAY 1: Seeds of Revival? (Rob Munro’s blog)
** TRANSCRIPT: Presentation on the East African Revival by the Rev. Dr. John Senyonyi, (Vice-Chancellor of Uganda Christian University)
Selected Tweets: GAFCON Day 1
** [NEW] Fr. George Conger’s Summary of Day 1 at GAFCON: Revival and the Anglican Way
** [NEW] VIDEO: Presentation on the East Africa Revival by the Rev. Dr. John Senyonyi (Vice-Chancellor of Uganda Christian University) [48 minutes]

DAY 2: Tuesday Oct 22:
**TRANSCRIPT: Chairman’s Address GAFCON 2013 Plenary 22nd October
Tuesday Oct 22 Photos (ACNA)
** David Ould: GAFCON Day 2 – A Clear Challenge to Welby and Much More
GAFCON Diary Day 2 (Anglican Mainstream)
GAfCON Day Two (Nigel Fortescue’s blog)
**GAFCON Feature Article: Churches tempted to ”˜change Christian faith’ for culture
ACNA Tuesday GAFCON Daily Digest
Tuesday Highlights Video [under 3 minutes]
Video: Apb, Jensen interviews Andrea Minichiello Williams on Christian Persecution in the UK [2:30] [this was part of the “You are not alone” series]
VIDEO: The Rev. Paul Perkin: What is happening in the Church of England [18 minutes]
VIDEO: The Lonely Church [13 minutes]
** Rob Munro: GAFCON Day 2: Who’s Changing Whom?
*** TRANSCRIPT: The Grace of God OR the world of the West? The Rev Dr Michael Ovey (President, Oak Hill College) [highly recommended!] [PDF File is here]
You Are Not Alone – brief summary of several of the testimonies from those persecuted for their faith (AAC website)
Selected Tweets: GAFCON Day 2
**[NEW] VIDEO: Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali: Global Challenge [12 minutes]
**[NEW] VIDEO: Dr. Mike Ovey’s presentation on The Grace of God or the World of the West [50 minutes]
**[NEW] TRANSCRIPT: The Rev. Paul Perkin: Battle for the Soul of Britain – what;s happening in the CoE
***[NEW] Fr. George Conger’s Summary of Day 2 at GAFCON – A Suffering and Lonely Church (VERY HELPFUL – includes embedded links to various videos)

DAY 3: Wednesday Oct. 23:
Archbishop Justin Welby’s video message to GAFCON
GAFCON Delegates Share Across Cultures as Mini-Conferences Begin
VIDEO: Participants reflect on the mini-conferences taking place at GAFCON [2:30]
David Ould: Day 3: Welby and Jensen – Ambiguity of Context and Clarity of Scripture
** Nigel Fortescue: GAFCON Day 3
** GAFCON Report Day 3 (Anglican Mainstream)
Rob Munro: GAFCON Day 3: What marks a movement of the Holy Spirit?
Photos: Day 3 (ACNA facebook page)
Selected Tweets from GAFCON II – Day 3 October 23, 2013
ACNA Daily Digest – Wednesday
** Laurel Moffatt: GAFCON Many Voices One Song
** Restoration Anglican: Nairobi #2

Day 4: Thursday Oct 24
We elves have not been slacking off, but today is a slow news day at GAFCON. Much of the afternoon and evening was free for a visit to a national park and a cultural evening, so there are likely to be few materials available for today.
** Summary GAFCON II Day 4 (Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream)
** Nigel Fortescue: GAFCON Day 4
** Rob Munro: GAFCON Day 4: Widening Horizons
** Bishop Foley Beach: The Suffering Church
Photos Day 4 (ACNA facebook page – mostly pictures from this afternoon’s trip to Nairobi National Park
** David Ould: GAFCON Day 4: Global Anglicanism in its Natural State
GAFCON Day 4 (St. John’s Working UK blog)
Shari Hobby: GAFCON Reoprt Day 4
VIDEO: GAFCON Thursday Highlights
ACNA GAFCON Daily Digest Thursday
Video on Women’s mini-conference [3:00]
*** [NEW] ** Bishop Mark Lawrence: Jottings from GAFCON II – Take 2 (summarizes Days 2 – 4)

GAFCON Day 5: Friday Oct 25
**VIDEO: GAFCON Friday Press Conference
David Ould: BREAKING: GAFCON Movement Bishops Vote to Expand – Across Boundaries
** Friday October 25 Press Release: GAFCON Votes to Expand
** Anglican Mainstream: GAFCON 2 Report Friday October 25
** Nigel Fortescue: GAFCON Day 5
** St. John’s Working UK blog: GAFCON Friday, Day 5
** Rob Munro: GAFCON Day 5 – Discerning the call of God for the Future
** Bishop Foley Beach: GAFCON the East Africa Revival (this is a bit of a general overview, not as specifically about Day 5, but it is very good)
Selected Tweets GAFCON Day 5
VIDEO: Canon Phil Ashey of AAC – Anglican Perspective Commentary on GAFCON as an Ecclesial movement [2 minutes]
ACNA Daily Digest – Friday
Friday Photos – ACNA facebook page
[NEW] Jeff Walton: GAFCON Leaders Point to “Strong Foundation of the Bible” at Second Press Gathering
[NEW] Friday Highlights Video
** [NEW] Snippets of African Worship “Afayo [He is Lord] via Instagram here and here

GAFCON DAY 6: Saturday October 26

** [NEW] ** FINAL Nairobi Communique and Commitment PDF Version is here
Feature Article: GAFCON ends with commitment in Nairobi
Chris Sugden (Christian Today): GAFCON offers itself as ‘important and effective instrument of Communion’
**[NEW] Laurel Moffatt: GAFCON – Strands of Loving Kindness
**[NEW] Rob Munro: GAFCON Day 6 – Discovering the Real Meaning of the Anglican Communion
[NEW] Some Final Tweets from GAFCON Day 6
**[NEW] Restoration Anglican: GAFCON Day 6
**[NEW] St John’s Working UK: GAFCON Day 6
**[NEW] Lent & Beyond: The Faces of GAFCON – Part 2 (30 awesome pictures)

We will update this list as we find more links. We would love to know of anyone blogging about the conference, or any other good links you find for following the conference. Please leave a comment with any links you recommend. – the elves.


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16 comments on “Links to follow news from GAFCON 2013 in Nairobi

  1. Karen B. says:

    In one of the threads below, tjmcmahon posted a link to notes from Abp. Welby’s sermon this a.m., posted at Anglican Mainstream.

    But that entry is not categorized under GAFCON, but is listed under the news category. So perhaps it is worth linking the link for Anglican Mainstream’s entries that show up with a search on “GAFCON”

  2. Bill McGovern says:

    Are there any representatives from AMIA there?

  3. Cennydd13 says:

    I’ve been offline since Thursday due to a faulty modem, and I logged onto StandFirm just a few minutes ago. I noted that there are 150 clergy and lay delegates from the ACNA, including Archbishop Duncan, Bishops Iker and Menees, and also Bishop Lawrence, but I saw no separate mention of the AMiA being there.

  4. Karen B. says:

    It’s been a long time since i’ve been so interested in Anglican blogging and any Anglican event. I’m so thankful for all these blogs, videos, photos, Tweets that help those of us far away get quite a good feel for what’s happening at GAFCON.

    Tonight it’s dawned on me what the difference is. This is NOT just another conference about the crisis in the Anglican Communion. No, as one leader said, truly, there is a sense of having moved on. This gathering is about revival. The Gospel. The Great Commission. It’s big picture stuff. And SUCH A BREATH OF FRESH AIR! It’s like an Anglican version of the Lausanne Congress, actually – bringing back many vivid memories of my time in Capetown 3 years ago.

  5. Cennydd13 says:

    This Anglican vessel is leaving port, Karen, and the liberals can stay aboard or they can leave, as they choose. But if they stay aboard, they will have to accept that there will be no turning back.

  6. Jeff Walton says:

    Bill, retired Rwandan archbishop Kolini is here (he maintains close ties to AMiA) but there are not current AMiA folks here, to my knowledge. There are many former AMiA persons, including both PEAR folks (recently arrived from a pre-conference week in Kigali) and those who directly joined ACNA geographic dioceses after the AMiA implosion.

  7. David Keller says:

    #6 and #2–What little is left of AMiA is no longer a part of the Anglican Communion. They could find no one to permanently sponsor them after they left PEAR. My understanding is they now consider themselves a missionary chuch which plants churches which are then free to go to any denomination or no demonination at all.

  8. Karen B. says:

    A commenter at SF pointed out the near silence of ACNS on the GAFCON conference. Other than a story about Abp. Welby’s visit to Nairobi and his remarks to the conference… NOTHING.

    Not surprising. But just think: this gathering is 10 times bigger than any of the Global South Encounters or any ACC meeting. It is about double the size of Lambeth 2008 and includes Anglicans from 41 countries and 27 provinces, including the PRIMATES and large delegations from Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya & Sudan, which are the four largest provinces in the Communion after the COE (which is the largest province on paper).

    Rough membership numbers:
    CoE 25 million
    Nigeria: 18 million
    Uganda: 8.8 million
    Kenya: 5 million
    Sudan: 4.5 million

  9. Cennydd13 says:

    Karen, not to mention the thundering silence of Mrs Schori and her cronies; it’s deafening.

  10. CSeitz-ACI says:

    And, of course, the conservatives in the GS are much broader than Gafcon alone, comprising SE Asia, Burundi, Tanzania, Middle East, C Africa, W Africa, S Africa, Indian Ocean, and so forth — all opposed to the direction of TEC, e.g. Here is the wide swath of the AC.

  11. TomRightmyer says:

    Were any TEC representatives – or ACoCanada, etc?

  12. Karen B. says:

    Tom, from what we hear, yes.
    One obvious TEC attendee: The Rev. George Conger of Central FL who did a lot of the press coverage.

    Here’s what Jeff Walton, part of the press team wrote in his latest article:
    [blockquote]Not all delegates are from provinces typically associated with GAFCON like Nigeria and Kenya. Delegates from the countries of Sri Lanka, South Africa and even Mexico are on site in Nairobi. There is a bishop from the Anglican Church of Canada and at least three U.S. Episcopalians participating, some in prominent roles.[/blockquote]

  13. The_Elves says:

    [i]Saturday noon Eastern – We elves have enjoyed helping compile GAFCON II resources over the past week. We’ll now be taking a break from blogging for 48 hours or so.

    The next update to this list is likely to be sometime on Monday.
    In the meantime if any T19 reader has a suggestion for an addition, please leave a comment here. Thanks!

    -elf girl for all of us pointy-eared Anglicans[/i]

  14. Jeff Walton says:

    Tom and Karen – in addition to George, Ashley Null was at the conference as a featured speaker (he’s canonically resident in Western Kansas). Also, American Anglican Council board member Ralinda Gregor served on the “future” committee that put forth recommendations to the broader conference. She is a laywoman at St. Francis-in-the-fields in Louisville.

    Also, Bill, I was able to confirm that there were no seated AMiA clergy or bishops at GAFCON II. I did, however, meet a laywoman who attends one of the remaining AMiA parishes near Orlando. She was not at the conference in an AMiA capacity, however, and was there as part of the Young Anglicans project.

  15. Karen B. says:

    Jeff thanks for the STELLAR reporting you, and the whole media team did this week. I’ve been amazed by how you’ve all taken the time to answer questions here on the blogs, and also by email. (George Conger replied to several emails I sent with questions… what a blessing!)

  16. MichaelA says:

    I second the thanks to the reporters. I have made very little comment on any blogs about Gafcon II (just starting to catch up now) but I have followed events with great interest.

    As Karen B. points out, there is a different feeling with this one. More directed to the positive extension of the church, free from liberal control, and less about having to state where we disagree with liberals (because that’s already been stated).

    However, it is good to see that the focus on building up alternative Anglican polities in USA, Canada and England will continue.