James Gibson: Justin the Unremarkable on the wrong side of history, again

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18 comments on “James Gibson: Justin the Unremarkable on the wrong side of history, again

  1. dwstroudmd+ says:

    A jest is a jest is a jest… .

  2. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    It appears that it is reported speech in quotation marks, it is real, and it is by him, whatever some are suggesting – here is his tweet.

    Has he cracked do you think?

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m not certain why the hullabaloo . . . Christians over in the COE seem to be stuck — *still* — on the notion that the ABC shares their beliefs. He doesn’t.

    I think this is a pretty standard-issue news release that is perfectly unsurprising.

  4. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    #3 I think we are still just gob-smacked by the ease with which he lies, Sarah.

    For the safety of other passengers, let’s hope he extinguished his underpants before boarding for departure.

  5. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    It is not the first time it has happened. On his departure from Nairobi to Iceland his office issued a release claiming his visit was to express sympathy with Kenyans over Westgate, something he showed little interest in while visiting the GAFCON Primates. Loads of people expressed disbelief that it was from him and called for the sacking of staff who were out of order, but low and behold he repeated the fib on BBC radio and in two speeches.

    No, it went out with his imprimature, even if research was done by his office, and there are more and more lies:

    1. Telling +Duncan there was no room at Canterbury Cathedral for his installation.
    2. Telling leaders that he is a conservative evangelical.
    3. Denying why he visited GAFCON in Nairobi.
    4. Press releases from Arun Arora, CofE Press Spokesman and William Fittall, Synod Clerk denying that the Pilling report would recommend blessing gay unions in church.
    5. Now this ludicrous press release about the Presiding Bishop.

    It is all implausible deniability.

  6. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Here is the original Lambeth Palace press release about Welby’s visit to Kenya,

    Archbishop Justin preached in Nairobi yesterday during a visit in the wake of the Westgate mall attack last month
    ….The Archbishop was visiting Kenya to offer condolence and solidarity following the attack, while encouraging Archbishop Eliud and other bishops and clergy ministering around the Nairobi area

    and here is one of the speeches he gave afterwards.

    ‘While I was in Nairobi for the condolence visit’

  7. Pageantmaster Ù† says:


  8. Katherine says:

    Indeed, #7.

  9. dwstroudmd+ says:

    It is now abundantly clear that three jests, Oxford, Schori, and Welby are substantial – as in existing, but lacking in meaning.

    Oxfordians may lament whilst Aholah and Aholibah exult in the ephemeral (Ezekiel 23).

  10. tjmcmahon says:

    I am not surprised,
    I am disgusted.
    Note that Welby intentionally waited to get clear of the Christian part of the Communion in Africa before issuing this statement condoning and endorsing the lawsuits, depositions and heresy of KJS. The ramifications of this will be vastly greater than the fools in his PR department predicted when he decided to openly back KJS hours after returning from Africa.

  11. tjmcmahon says:

    We do have to give Welby credit for being more direct than his predecessor- it took us half a decade to figure out that Rowan Williams was fully endorsing the TEC agenda.

  12. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    #11 Yes, tj
    Justin Welby writes:
    [blockquote]”It must be noted, too, that Bishop Katharine’s achievements serve – and will continue to serve – as a powerful model for women seeking to pursue their vocations in the church.”[/blockquote]
    Yes exactly – that is just what we need over here, like a hole in the head.

    One has to remember what Justin Welby had to say to the US HOB when he visited them:
    [blockquote]I want to start with what I have seen. The structure of the meeting, with its well integrated retreat and business sessions, was excellent, and the mediations in the mornings were exceptional and personally nourishing. I found integrity and openness on issues, graciousness under pressure, and towards others who have not been gracious, catholicity, complexity and inclusion. I have found some myths demythologised. For example the myth that TEC is only liberal, monochrome in its theological stand, and the myth that all minorities of view are oppressed. There is rather the sense of a complex body of wide views and many nationalities addressing issues with what I have personally found inspiring honesty and courage, doubtless also with faults and sins, but always looking to see where the sins are happening. The processes are deeply moving even where I disagreed, which I did on a number of obvious issues, but the honesty of approach was convincing, the buy into and practice of Ndaba superb.[/blockquote]
    Pass the sickbag.

    All he has written is consistent with the unctuous approach Welby has taken to his US paymasters in the past. He has form as we say over here.

  13. New Reformation Advocate says:

    I’m not shocked, but I am appalled. It’s one thing for a secular university to choose to honor a church leader who champions the anti-Christian values that the said elite university espouses. No surprise there. But for the ABoC to endorse that act is deplorable. Reprehensible.

    Even if, and actually especially because, TEC provides so much of the funding for the ACO and the ACC, etc. This sort of tribute doesn’t come off as a sincere effort at building goodwill so as to further the work of promoting the reconciliation of TEC with the majority of the Communion. It comes across almost like a positive commercial that was bought and paid for by a company. Yuck.

    Dishonesty doesn’t further real reconciliation within the Anglican Communion. Only genuine repentance on the part of the self-deluded promoters of a false gospel will do that. No, the PB deserves the strongest censure possible. She is an unmitiaged disaster of the worst sort. There is not a single nice thing I can think of that can honestly or truthfully be said about her.

    And I mean that. Not one good tbhing.

    David Handy+

  14. Jackie Keenan says:

    When I graduated from VTS, KJS was there to get an honorary degree. It would have been more painful if the Lord had not just opened a door for me to show the primates of the Communion that TEC’s secret theology study was being touted to people high in the Communion as something significant, when no one outside of the HOB knew anything about it, and many bishops inside the HOB knew nothing about it. I found out because I pointed out to John Chane that they had utterly flubbed the science in “To Set Our Hope on Christ”, so he told me about the study. At first I thought it was hopeful until I realized it was hidden from the people of TEC and the Communion, except for me and people in the ACO, one of whom told me he thought it was significant. And this was just before Lambeth. But I had not copied Schori on the emails to the primates, so when I found out she was coming to my graduation, I sent her a copy of the email and told her that now I had been honest with her despite her having been dishonest with so many.

    When she got her honorary degree, there were two others getting honorary doctorates, including the Archbishop of Sudan. My children pointed out later that the list of achievements for the other two went on and on. But the PB wrote a book and flew a plane. This is not surprising for someone whose research failed to get funded. There just wasn’t much there or they would have listed it. Also, it is not surprising for a scientist, who once she realized she had no science to support her position, proclaimed a revelation of creation of homosexuality based solely on experience.

    Of course, the far left of TEC doesn’t want anyone to know how badly they flubbed “To Set Our Hope on Christ” and as a result that both the PB and the liberals of the 2010 theology study refused to talk about science, even though they can talk to any medical professional they want in order to find info on that. But since the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association put the long discredited Bailey and Pillard twin study of men as the only evidence of genetics in its Supreme Court brief, that tells you right there that they don’t have anything that supports them.

    But since neither their side nor our side wants to talk about this, they will get away with hiding their failures.

  15. tjmcmahon says:

    Perhaps the truth of the matter is that Welby really doesn’t want women bishops, and figures he can so terrify the laity that they will all vote against. Because he makes it clear here that KJS is just the sort of woman he is going to appoint- and he will appoint several (granted, with the aid of a committee). And, of course, don’t forget Jeffrey Johns waiting in the wings.

  16. SC blu cat lady says:

    Is this behavior of +KJS which includes deposing priests and bishops, suing departing parishes and wasting millions of dollars/pounds? …is that what ++Welby really wants for the CoE? Really??? Be careful what you want…… you just may get it and when you do…. you may regret it…. It won’t be be pretty. Just look at what happened and is still happening in TEC.

  17. MichaelA says:

    Hmmm, yet more gross inconsistency. This is not the leader that the Church of England needs, let alone the Anglican Communion.

  18. Bookworm(God keep Snarkster) says:

    I’m late to this game, but Dr. Keenan, a 4.0 post, not unexpected. They don’t want to look at the science because the science is not on their side. My father had a phrase for that, but I can’t repeat it here.

    Welby’s characterization of the HOB meeting is interesting to me. Reliable sources I know who attend those meetings have said that they’d rather have a root canal or a colonoscopy without anesthesia than attend any more. :/