Mexico triumph Over Cameroon 1-0

For the World Cup I said my one hope was that the referees would not unduly impact the outcome so far two games two fiascoes.

Blast it.


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3 comments on “Mexico triumph Over Cameroon 1-0

  1. Terry Tee says:

    Kendall lots of yellow cards at the Brazil-Croatia game (at which I thought Croatia plucky). Is that what you are complaining about? Or something else? A bit mystified. No matter what the refereeing that the Brazil-Croatia match it could not have affected the outcome – given that the one Croatia goal was a Brazil own goal the result could have been 3-0. Hard to see the ref altering much of that.

  2. mateo says:

    Terry, I believe Kendall is referring to the penalty kick awarded to Brazil at point blank range (at least for Neymar) that was the result of a flop rather than a foul giving the Brazilians a 2-1 lead

  3. Kendall Harmon says:

    Yes, the Brzail game penalty was an awful call and BOTH of the Mexico offsides calls were wrong.

    I agree about plucky Croatia, maybe somewhat due to nerves.