An incident One Day in New York City Recently


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9 comments on “An incident One Day in New York City Recently

  1. veritas2007 says:

    What a riot! Thanks!

  2. Saint Dumb Ox says:

    Funny. Now if only they would have all broken out in a song and dance number. 207 people doing a big Broadway number in Grand Central would have been great.

  3. yuenvision says:

    I love that people are taking still-photos.
    “This guy was standing still… but all these guys were walking around. …eh… I guess you had to be there.”

  4. Carol R says:

    How funny! And kinda creepy looking, too.

  5. Alta Californian says:

    Far out!

    #2, This video and your comment remind me of that scene in [i]The Fisher King[/i], when he sees her across the bustling room and suddenly everyone on the grand concourse starts to waltz, then just as suddenly go back to their busyness. I love that scene.

  6. wildfire says:

    The last time I was at Grand Central in line (on line!) to buy a ticket, these people must have been in front of me. The guy behind the counter was participating as well.

  7. InChristAlone says:

    The rest of the videos are great too. People should do more things like this to help people laugh a little bit more in the world.

  8. robroy says:

    That was fun. (So was Mark McCall’s comment, too.)

  9. BCP28 says:

    Definition of a New Yorker offered by a New Yorker:

    Its not that you don’t notice things…you just choose to ignore them.