Dan Balz: Clinton's Daunting Road Ahead

“I’m not telling you anything you don’t know … already,” said Chris Redfern, chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party. “I would merely agree with all of the observations that have been made.”

As benign and neutral as that statement may sound, it is not good news for Hillary Clinton, for it accentuates Redfern’s conclusion that, while Ohio is Clinton’s to win next Tuesday, “the question is by how much.”

Like other party officials and Democratic strategists, Refern is looking closely at the math and has decided that a victory alone may not be enough for the New York senator. She needs a big victory.

“Pragmatically,” he said, “we all get the fact that it’s about delegates, and to avoid superdelegates, court actions, Michigan and Florida being seated, all that kind of stuff, Senator Clinton I think needs a real boost in Ohio and — not or — Texas going into the next six weeks, if in fact she stays for the next six weeks…. In the starkest of terms, this is pretty simple. She’s got to win by a margin which gets her a boost in delegates.”

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3 comments on “Dan Balz: Clinton's Daunting Road Ahead

  1. Dee in Iowa says:

    “She’s got to win by a margin which gets her a boost in delegates.”

    I hope she does get the boost…..

  2. Little Cabbage says:

    As I’ve posted elsewhere, Clinton may be doomed in Texas. Remember that it is an ‘open primary’ state (which has always seemed an oxymoron to me). It is overwhelmingly GOP. This round, since McCain has already wrapped up the nomination, all who despise Clinton or who hope that Obama will be an easier target in the Nov. elections are free to vote AGAINST Clinton.

    These ‘open primary’ states are always skewed for one party or the other. ‘Primaries’ are supposed to decide on the nominee for a particular party. So how come members of the opposing party are given so much power?!

  3. Dilbertnomore says: