Ok, the Picture of Guys Playing Rugby means the Subject of this Video is what?

After you guess, watch it all–you may be surprised.


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10 comments on “Ok, the Picture of Guys Playing Rugby means the Subject of this Video is what?

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Going for a conversion?

  2. Grandmother says:

    Good time to buy insurance, 40+ puts one in a higher risk catagory.

    almost, but not quite speechless
    Gloria in SC

  3. Richard Crocker says:

    Playing the rugby I played, it was well before age 39 that I realized I was not invincible!

  4. okifan18 says:

    This is a good promotional video, hooray for the Presbyterians.

  5. azusa says:

    #1 – good one.
    I’ll just have to try, try, and try again…

  6. rugbyplayingpriest says:

    mmmmmmm not entirely convinced it woulod bring any of my team mates to church……but a valiant effort.

    The truth is much simpler I feel. Make the church relevant, exciting and NOT OVER FEMINISED GUFF and then invite friends. Much cheaper than an ad campaign and -I am willing to bet -far more successful!!!

  7. Marion R. says:

    I’m impressed by this advertisement. If it and others like it are widespread I expect many people will be influenced to visit churches. I do not know if they will specifically visit Presbyterian churches, and I do not know if, once they visit the churches, that what they experience there will cause them to return.

    I give a bit of credit to those who conceived of the ad. The premise of the ad is that there is indeed something that is metaphysically serious in life. That is a very different impetus than ads about accepting us just the way we are. Indeed, the ad sounds in the idea that we do not stay the way that we are– that we change. Indeed, that we grow up.

  8. Tired of Hypocrisy says:

    Great ad. I agree with rugbyplayingpriest–in my experience most churches–especially Episcopal churches–promote a brand of Christianity that is way over-feminized. Rather than have a transforming relationship with Jesus, the church promotes a crush on Jesus. While “feminine” does not necessarily equal “weak,” this particular approach is very girly. It’s not normal and most men are instinctively turned off by it.

  9. RichardKew says:

    I agree with Richard Crocker, I gave up rugby when I was thirty and at 62 am still reminded of those days by occasional back problems! However, yes, there is a need for churches to be less feminine and more manly.

  10. rugbyplayingpriest says:

    summed up by a parish near here who gave out balloons with ‘Jesus loves you’ on Valentine. I mean come on…I was so embarrassed i hid my dog collar!