Bishop Bill Atwood on the latest Pew Research Figures for the US

…There are several factors, and some lessons to be learned from some of our overseas partners who are actually increasing the percentage of convinced Christians in their societies…

The Message
While there are certainly differences of style and emphasis, there is a clear and unmistakable call for repentance from sin, and turning to Jesus Christ as Lord in the fellowship of the Church. There is little talk about denomination in the areas where the church is growing. It is a focus on Christ. There is even a celebration of the fruit that is being born through the lives of other Christians.

Costly Discipleship
In areas like Northern Nigeria where Boko Haram is killing Christians, there are still people choosing to go out and seek to lead others to Christ. Even at the risk of their lives, they choose the difficult course because the alternative is unacceptable to them. They do not want anyone to be lost to Christ. Many are willing, like the seeds Jesus spoke of in John 12, “to fall into the ground and die that they might bear much fruit.” They do not seek to live lives devoid of painful circumstances. They choose lives of purpose and commitment regardless of the circumstances.

We have a lot to learn.

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3 comments on “Bishop Bill Atwood on the latest Pew Research Figures for the US

  1. Ralph Webb says:

    Kendall/elves, the piece is actually credited to Bishop Bill Atwood.

    [Title corrected – thank you – Elf]

  2. Luke says:

    Our Bishop Bill is a wise and convincing man…always an inspiration, whether we see him at our tiny parish, or at larger gatherings.

  3. Pb says:

    Mainline churches seem to have lost the message by being informed by the present world view. The results are predictable.