[Christian Today] Patrick Sookhdeo: Why the Barnabas Fund's founder should keep silence

..Here’s what a Charity Commission spokesperson told me about that: “In May 2015, the Commission was made aware that the trustees of Barnabas Aid International were considering asking Dr Sookhdeo to serve on their board again. This gave rise to serious regulatory concerns..
…Sookhdeo’s lawyers sought leave to appeal against his convictions. However, he changed his mind and withdrew the application. In the words of a statement to Christian Today: “Despite having consulted a leading QC and feeling encouraged that his solicitors expect he would be vindicated at court, Dr Sookhdeo has decided, at least at this stage, not to proceed with his appeal against his conviction.”

The statement says: “His lawyers have urged him to consider the effect that an appeal and consequent retrial would have on his health and that of his wife Rosemary, not to mention the emotional stress that they would have to endure over the next one to two years whilst the appeal went through the courts. Dr Sookhdeo would also have to pay very considerable legal fees just to clear his name.”

It also says that he is “acutely aware” of the effect continued media coverage would have on the Barnabas Fund and that he is “very thankful and humbled by the continued support he has had for his ministry”.

The statement concludes: “With the support and confidence of its trustees, he will continue to serve Barnabas Aid International as its International Director. His expertise on Islam and his unrivalled knowledge of the persecuted Church are needed more than ever.”

So here’s the question.

What is Barnabas thinking?

Read it all and the background post is here


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