[AP] N.T. Wright – 'Bible doesn't necessarily tell believers how to vote'

Anglican scholar N.T. Wright says the Bible contains many overlooked truths, but it doesn’t necessarily tell believers how to vote.

The retired bishop says some modern political and cultural issues don’t present a clear biblical choice. But other matters are clear, such as Jesus’ concern for the poor.

Wright took part in a discussion last week at the National Press Club in Washington on “The Good News and the Good Life.” He said making religion a private and personal matter that’s separate from the world’s concerns isn’t how Christians are called to live.

Instead, he said Christians should take seriously Jesus’ claim to authority over all things, and join the risen Lord in building his kingdom “on Earth as it is in heaven.”

Wright says the New Testament was written to Christians who were struggling with how to live faithfully in a hostile culture, a perspective that he believes is increasingly applicable today.

Read it all. Watch ‘The Good News and the Good Life’ from the National Press Club here from the Trinity Forum:

Evening Conversation with N.T. Wright and Richard Hays from The Trinity Forum on Vimeo.

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