[Dr Peter Jensen] Back to Basics Part 5: The Power of The Gospel

..Some would say that those who break fellowship because of the distorted gospel are the ones at fault. They would say that we have succeeded in making so much fuss that all we talk about is sex, rather than Jesus. Furthermore, society no longer has the faintest idea of what the Bible is saying on this subject and cannot be sympathetic to our views. Instead the world labels us bigots and homophobes and we do not get a hearing for Jesus.

They would say that it is better to agree to disagree about the subject, enter a ”˜good disagreement’ with each other, maintain unity so that our quarrels do not become the story, and talk about Jesus.

But there are four problems with this argument.

First, it narrows Jesus down so that we are in danger of not teaching the real Jesus who called for repentance from sin.

Second, it forbids us to analyse and expose human sin and idolatry at precisely one of its most obvious points.

Third, it forbids us to do good in our community by offering a far better vision of what it is to be human.

Fourth, it insists that those who refuse to compromise over these matters are the ones at fault and grants a mark of approval to those who distort the gospel.

Fellowship in a false gospel, is not fellowship.

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