Saint-Saens 'Organ' Symphony Finale

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3 comments on “Saint-Saens 'Organ' Symphony Finale

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    It is a pretty remarkable feat to have condensed the score for a full orchestra into this beautiful arrangement for a sole organist, without losing much of the richness or body of the original.

  2. Robert Atkins says:

    Indeed, Pageantmaster.

    It is also I think, a great video for showing what an amazing instrument a good organ can be and also some of the complexity of actually playing it.

    I grew up hearing the organ played virtually every day, but it was only in later life that I attended concerts where the organizers committed the “sacrilege” of having video cameras showing you the organist’s feet as well as their hands. What a revelation!

  3. Ralph says:

    This is a very good transcription, which I’m currently preparing for public performance. Jonathan Scott left out a lot of notes to do this, but disguised the omissions so that only someone who really knows the score intimately would notice them. Over the weekend, there was a concert performance of the Mahler 8th symphony at St John the Divine in NYC, using a new solo organ transcription by David Briggs.