Kenya 7: [Matt Kennedy] Anglican Colonialists and the Subversion of a Kenyan Province

..What I find most striking about these recent events is not the dysfunction and disobedience of Bishop Waweru (one would expect as much of a “bishop” involved in “dialogue” with heretics), but the political ineptitude and foolishness of Archbishop Idowu-Fearon. Does he really want to stand behind a lie or a liar? Does he really want to accept a delegation to the ACC that sits in defiance of its own province? Isn’t seating this delegation at ACC16 an open affirmation of Bishop Waweru’s deception? Isn’t the ACC now taking an active role in the subversion of a legitimately elected Anglican Communion Primate?

On what basis or foundation can any ACC official decry colonialism? One does not need to be a prophet to see that this is nothing less than a bald shameless attempt to undermine a sitting Anglican primate who does not toe the Canterbury line and replace him with a toady.

Read it all UPDATE: See also Forged Documents and Subversion


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