[ACNS] ACC commits to “walking together” with the Primates

The Archbishop briefed members of the ACC last week about the Primates’ meeting; and this week they unanimously agreed a resolution backing the Primates’ decisions.

Speaking to ACNS last night, as he prepared to fly out of Lusaka at the end of the ACC-16 meeting, Archbishop Welby welcomed the resolution. “The actions of the ACC demonstrate that it is working in close collaboration with the Primates, as has been the aim since both started and is set out especially in Resolution 52 of the Lambeth Conference 1988,” Archbishop Welby said.

Given that my report, referred to in the resolution, incorporated the Communiqué and was very explicit on consequences; the resolution clearly supports and accepts all the Primates’ Meeting conclusions.

No member of the Episcopal Church stood for office in the ACC or Standing Committee. The consequences of the Primates meeting have been fully implemented.”

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One comment on “[ACNS] ACC commits to “walking together” with the Primates

  1. dwstroudmd+ says:

    Ah, now with the TEc reports about their participation and voting, we can coin an new term for truthiness! A Welbyism. Comfort may be taken, I suppose, that this is progressive down the alphabet from Rowanism. See how progressive they all are!