[KT Press] Archbishop of Canterbury Builds ”˜Wall of Miracles’ in Rwanda

L ”“ R : Bishop Alex Birindabagabo, Archbishop Justin Welby and Bishop Rwaje Onesphore. The building behind is New Gahini Cathedral under construction”
The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. and Rt. Honorable Justin Welby and his wife arrived in Rwanda yesterday to lay a foundation stone at the East African Revival Heritage Center at Gahini Diocese.

From the hill that hosted first established Mission Center of Anglican Church of Rwanda and spread the Pentecostal fire across the region, the Anglican church supreme leader launched construction of; A Wall of Miracles, a Fellowship House on which the foundation stone will be laid, a Covenant House, a new Cathedral under construction ”“ 10 times bigger than existing one, and an office block.

The new cathedral has 2000 sitting capacity compared to 200 places of the old church. It will cost Rwf2billion upon completion.

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One comment on “[KT Press] Archbishop of Canterbury Builds ”˜Wall of Miracles’ in Rwanda

  1. David Keller says:

    The caption is incorrect. The bishop on the right is Oneshpore Rwaje and he is Archbishop of the Province of Rwanda.