(Economist Erasmus Blog) Theresa May’s faith is of a more malleable sort than the Iron Lady’s

How far does Theresa May resemble Margaret Thatcher? As is pointed out by a new book on political leaders and faith, “both were Oxford-educated, both were/are renowned for their appetite for hard work and both were/are practising Christians.”

But the book, “The Mighty and the Almighty”, produced by Theos, a think-tank, also insists that the religious backgrounds of those two Conservative prime ministers were very different. In fact, “their Christianity divides [them] at least as much as it unites them.”

The Thatcher-May comparison is one of the most interesting features of an edited volume which dissects the religious lives of 24 present or recent heads of government, ranging from the Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan to Ireland’s Mary McAleese.

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