The Seventh Trumpet: Communiqué from the 7th Global South Conference, Cairo 2019

8. The Global South Primates also elected a new Steering Committee: the Most Revd. Justin Badi of South Sudan as Chairman, the Most Revd. Tito Zavala of Chile as Vice-Chairman, the Most Revd. Samuel Manhkin of Bangladesh as Hon. Secretary, the Most Revd. Foley Beach (ACNA) as Treasurer and three Ordinary Members, the Most Revd. Stephen Than Myint Oo of Myanmar, the Most Revd. Masimango Katanda Zacharie of Congo and the Most Revd. James Richard Wong Yin Song of the Indian Ocean.

9. We also thanked the Primates on the current Global South Primates Steering Committee (GSPSC) who are retiring in 2020: the Rt. Revd. Dr Mouneer Anis (Chairman), the Most Revd. Nicholas Okoh (Vice-Chairman), the Most Revd. Stanley Ntagali (Hon. Secretary) and the Most Revd. Ng Moon Hing (Treasurer). We expressed our deepest appreciation to Bishop Mouneer Anis for his hard work and leadership at this Conference and his continuing role as Chairman of GSPSC until he retires.

10. We were inspired by the times of worship and prayer. The Bible Studies on the theme, led by the Most Revd Dr Glenn Davies (Sydney), the Most Revd. James Wong (Indian Ocean) and the Most Revd. Justin Badi (South Sudan) challenged us to avoid being led by the spirit of the age, and instead to be transformed by His Spirit and to learn to discern and do the will of God.

11. We were challenged by Dr Os Guinness to be prepared for the challenges which Global South Churches will face with modernity and the shifts that come with it.

12. There were lively discussions on the role of women. The need for a greater role by women in the leadership and ministry of the Church were shared by representatives from various Provinces, even as concerns were expressed on how these roles need to fit into the religious culture of each society.

13. Concerns were also expressed on whether our Anglican Churches are in touch with the younger generations and connecting well with their spiritual needs and aspirations.

14. Issues regarding creation care, refugees, social and economic justice and political transition were also raised during this forum on women and youth. It is hoped that future conferences will see a higher number of participation from women and youth leaders from our Provinces.

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