Tim Dakin: CMS Covenant for a Communion in Mission

In the following ten sections I argue for a remaking of Anglicanism around a renewal of our understanding of the relationship between covenant, mission and Scripture. In part A. Some Ecumenical and Missional Reflections on the Windsor Report (sections 1-3) I explore how we can learn what this looks like in another tradition (the Baptist one) and then reflect on what implications this has for the Anglican Communion in relation to the Windsor process. I argue that this will require a remaking of Anglicanism around a new understanding of covenant, mission and scripture that will address the unresolved question of authority in Anglicanism.

In part B. A Covenant for Communion in Mission (sections 4-7) I suggest that this remaking can itself be rooted in a pattern of covenant found in Scripture which is shown to be missional. Specifically this is the pattern of the Sinai Covenant. I then explore how such an understanding must then rest on theology of a Covenantal, Missional and Scriptural God. This highlights the connection between the process of developing an Anglican Covenant and the need to provide a theological framework that will entail an adequate form of Anglican Theological Education to inform and explore its significance in mission practice.

In part C. Covenant as Generative Centre for Mission (sections 8-10) I consider an approach to Covenant, which sees it as a resource for generating missional capital. This is modelled on the an interpretation of the-Great-Commission-as-Covenant. I then briefly outline how mission capital has been developed and expended in the planting and nurturing of Anglican Churches worldwide. And how it is essential that any Anglican Covenant in remaking Anglicanism resonate, sustain and shape the Communion in a way that does not deny the mission origins of the Church in the British Isles and then more widely in the Anglican Communion.

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  1. seitz says:

    A superb, biblical, theological, substantive essay. Thanks, Tim, for reminding us what mission is about.