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Canon Andrew White: Protection, Provision and Perseverance in Iraq

Speaking at Holy Trinity Clapham on Sunday

From here with thanks and the audio may be listened to here

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Anglican Unscripted Episode 115 – an interview with ACNA Abp. Foley Beach (new staff appointments)

In this interview, Archbishop Beach announces several important new staff appointments and gives some information about how the ministry of both the Anglican Diocese of the South, and ACNA will function under his leadership. The section with Archbishop Beach starts at about 8 minutes and lasts for about 7 minutes in total.

Here is the YouTube link should you need it.

UPDATE: There is an excerpt of a letter from Archbishop Beach at the ACNA website which explains a bit more about these appointments.

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Summer Open Thread #4–"Laughter the Best Medicine"

As my pointy-eared elven colleague reminded us last week “While Kendall’s away, the elves may play.” It’s time to lighten up around here before summer flits away!

Yes, the world news is grim, but Proverbs 17:22 reminds us “A cheerful heart is good medicine”, so please take a few minutes to share something that’s made you laugh in recent days:
– a good (clean) joke you’ve heard;
– a limerick;
– a funny video or picture;
– an amusing story

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[BBC] Canon Andrew White interviewed on Iraq's Christian Emergency

From here

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