New Anglican diocese being formed in North Central Texas

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New diocese planned for North Texas area

According to Internet announcements, plans are under way for a new Episcopal diocese to be formed in North Central Texas. The sources indicate that an organizing meeting or convention may be held as soon as Feb. 7, 2009. The new diocese is being organized by North Texas Episcopalians who wish to be affiliated with the General Convention of The Episcopal Church. A group known as Steering Committee North Texas Episcopalians is initiating the organizing effort.

The announcement has appeared on the Steering Committee’s Web site and on a site launched by a group leaving St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Arlington. It indicates that the probable conference site is All Saints’ Episcopal School in Fort Worth, and that the organizers hope TEC Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori will be present to preside.

Fr. Christopher Jambor, rector of All Saints’ parish in Fort Worth, is named as the head of the organizing committee. The business of the meeting is expected to be the adoption of a constitution and canons for the new diocese, as well as the election of founding officers.

It was not immediately clear how many conferees will participate in the event, how they will be selected, or what congregations or other groups they will represent.


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10 comments on “New Anglican diocese being formed in North Central Texas

  1. mhmac13 says:

    Knowing some of the people who constitute this group, they do not want anthing to do with the Anglican Church. They are Episcopalians only, and have uttered some of the most racist and disparaging comments I have ever heard about the Anglican church throughout the world. They have even convinced some senior citizens that those who chose to remain unde Bp Ikers guidance are not Americans any more. They have no honor and certainly do not represent Christianity in any form that I know of.

  2. A Senior Priest says:

    Good. Fine. May God bless their efforts. Everyone is entitled to a conscience, and to a just and equitable division of assets. However, they shouldn’t be greedy or litigious.

  3. j.m.c. says:

    mhmac13, their convincing some senior citizens of some things here can’t really be held against them since that’s basically their core constituency. If they can’t convince senior citizens there’s not many left to convince.

    Actually I think this is the way to go: create a new diocese, instead of claiming that the diocese hasn’t left when it really has. It’s odd though that they’re going this route when San Joaquin & Pittsburgh did it otherwise.

  4. mhmac13 says:

    JMC you may be correct, I just get frustrated when I see how these faithful servants are emotionally and spiritually abused by others. I cannot believe they are really creating a new diocese, that is not what the word on the street here is. It would be much more peaceful if they actually did that.

  5. Cennydd says:

    By any stretch of the imagination, it’s a rump diocese.

  6. Henry says:

    I do NOT believe they intend to start a new diocese–everything that I’ve heard so far is that they will be doing much the same at in San Joaquin. They don’t believe that a diocese can leave, and thus, are just reorganizing the leadership of the existing Diocese of Ft. Worth.
    As for these leaders being ugly–a comment I’ve heard said to be made by one of Fr. Jambor’s assistants about fellow priests who have left TEC for the Southern Cone: “I’ll try them and he’ll (Fr. Jambor) fry them”!!! That seems like a real Christian attitude!

  7. Irenaeus says:

    [i] Steering Committee North Texas Episcopalians [/i]

    S C N T E
    which, being interpreted, is
    S T E N C

  8. Kevin Montgomery says:

    What kind of “racist” comments are these?

    As for spiritual abuse, there have been plenty of people in Ft. Worth who have endured spiritual abuse for years. Fortunately, they now have a chance to continue with Christ’s work without that.

  9. Courageous Grace says:

    While I have not heard “racist” comments from some of these members, I do recall one member of my parish (who I think has left to stay with TEC) flat out saying that only people who supported TEC and its theology/polity/whateverthenewTHANGis are capable of [i]thinking[/i]. I am so glad I was holding the baby and trying to keep him still otherwise I might have said something in response I would have regretted. Yes, I am paraphrasing as I don’t remember the exact words he said, but I think that is probably one of the nastier things I’ve heard from someone at St. Alban’s.

    After that day I started praying for all of the members of our parish. Some have chosen to walk away and get involved with that steering committee, most have chosen to stay. However, it seems that all of us have lost friends (although some have agreed to disagree and remain friends) and it hurts me to see these people hurting.

  10. mhmac13 says:

    Kevin- I dont want to repeat what was said, but I know what a racist comment is. It was in reference to other members of the Anglican communion, and was a statement describing how superior the Episopal church was in contrast to “those people.” I was honestly shocked to the core that such vile prejudice would be stated so openly and with such venom in the church that I grew up in and love. It was just one more demonstration of the anger and open hostility that I have seen in many of the NTRE folks. I wonder what they are worshipping. I am sorry if you feel that you have been spiritually abused. That is not a happy place to be. I will pray that you and all others can find peace in our Lord, and a place to worship in joy. Merry Christmas!