A Prayer to Begin the Day from Yours Truly

To God the Father beyond us, creator of the cosmos and the vast reaches of interstellar space as well as this lovely earth, our home,

To God the Son alongside us, who shed his blood for the redemption of the world and all mankind,

and to God the Holy Spirit within us, who graciously gives us daily the power to live the good life which has been prepared beforehand for us to walk in,

be all glory, majesty, honor and praise, Holy Trinity one God, this day and forevermore, Amen.


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One comment on “A Prayer to Begin the Day from Yours Truly

  1. Pageantmaster ن‎ says:

    Rich and deep. It has that incantatory and poetic structure to carry it along such as that found in the Lorica.

    Blessings for this charm.