Governance Task Force Calls for Feedback from Anglican Church in North America Members on Proposed Canonical Amendments

At the heart of our Anglican polity—our Anglican “decision-making process”—is the principle of conciliarism. We take council together, just as the apostolic church did in the great Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. It is a way that we walk together in the light (I John 1:7-9) so that we are truly a one, holy, apostolic, and catholic church in Christ. One of the guiding principles of conciliarism is that “what touches all must be decided by all.” In the Church, this means that whenever an internal church law (the canons) touches all it should at least be reviewed by all. In that spirit, the Governance Task Force of the ACNA has proposed the enclosed amendments to our canons for review by all members of the ACNA. Please take some time to download this First Draft of the GTF 2022 Report and watch the video.

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