Star-Telegram: Conservatives back federation

Dissident Episcopalians from across the nation approved a plan Tuesday aimed at creating a federation of Anglican groups opposed to liberal church decisions, such as the U.S. church’s election of a gay bishop.

Eighty delegates to the annual council meeting of the Pittsburgh-based Anglican Communion Network took the initial steps to form a federation of Anglican groups still in the Episcopal Church, along with other groups that have left.

The actions came at a two-day meeting at St. Vincent’s Episcopal Cathedral.

“This will begin the gathering of fragmented bodies into one unified body of traditional orthodox Anglicans in North America,” Fort Worth Bishop Jack Iker said.

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12 comments on “Star-Telegram: Conservatives back federation

  1. Watcher On The Wall says:

    Hmmm…another umbrella organization. I know that the initial members listed are also members of other umbrella organizations that are supposed to promote unity. I just wonder when we’re going to actually start getting some unity and not just forming organizations to explore unity.


  2. Newbie Anglican says:

    Don’t we all, Watcher. But I think this is the real deal. It wouldn’t shock me to see Common Cause become a de facto province before the end of the year. I think the various leaders see the need and the urgency.

  3. DietofWorms says:

    Hi Watcher,

    We all want unity, but I am not sure how they could do that without creating an umbrella organization. I think the purpose of this organization is to draw the other organizations together.

    Be patient! These things take time, but things are going in the right direction!


  4. Philip Snyder says:

    I believe that we are on the way to healing the schisms that took place in the 70s, 80s, and on into today. Things do not move quickly in the Church and for good reason. Remember that it took from 325 to 381 (Nicea to Constaninople) to affirm that Arianism is a heresy (and the Church actually met in the 360s and affirmed Arianism!). It took from 325 (where Jesus was affirmed as of the same [i]ousia[/i] (=substance) of God the Father until 451 (Chalcedon) where Jesus was finally and authoritatively affirmed as fully God and fully man – two natures in one person.
    As Americans, we need to learn patience for it seems that we have little of it.

    Phil Snyder

  5. Watcher On The Wall says:

    I agree, we are heading in the right direction and I think it’s causing great concern amongst TEC leadership to see how organized the faithful opposition is becoming.
    I’ll continue to pray & watch. I’m watching for that cloud on the horizon like Elijah did.

  6. David Keller says:

    All you smart people out there, including Kendall–why is it necessary to have a TEC like (general) convention? My hope is that we won’t have these expensive meetings which always degenerate dealing with somebody’s political agenda. If there is a new province I hope we will resist the temptation to have (general) conventions. I realize that there are some fundamentals of orginazation that have to be dealt with; but please become something new, something religious not political.

  7. Fred says:

    #5 – Organized??? When your own are bailing as fast as they can (see Radner….formally one of your most prolific mouthpieces)? The leadership of TEC is getting a belly laugh over the latest from Duncan et al. It’s theater of the absurd. You claim you are Anglicans but now don’t want to be in communion with Canterbury?
    An what is required to be in the Anglican Communion?? Oh yes, communion with Canterbury. Who can take any of this seriously, let alone be “concerned”??????

  8. KAR says:

    #7 Have you not read the Scripture? First is who wants to go home, next is how each takes a drink of water.

  9. Rolling Eyes says:

    Fred, Fred, Fred.

    One person leaves the Network, and all of the sudden huge numbers are bailing “as fast as they can”? Stop making things up. One person does not a mass exodus make. Your lies do not make it so.

    “The leadership of TEC is getting a belly laugh over the latest from Duncan et al”

    The leadership of TEC doesn’t matter anymore. They are worthless. Besides, when did lawsuits become so funny?

    “You claim you are Anglicans but now don’t want to be in communion with Canterbury? ”

    No, Fred, once again you are either out of touch with reality, or a liar. The Orthodox would LOVE to remain in communion with Canterbury. We just can’t remain in communion with apostates, such as yourself and your TEC leadership. Once again, you can lie all you want, but it doesn’t make it so.

    “Who can take any of this seriously?”

    We all ask ourselves the same question with every remark you post.

  10. Cennydd says:

    I agree with newbie. This, I believe, is the next step towards the creation of what may be the new province that so many of us have been clamoring for. We shall see, won’t we?

  11. Wilfred says:

    Conservatives back Federation,
    Liberals back Klingon Empire.

  12. libraryjim says:

    Are you sure that should be “Klingon Empire” and not “The Borg”?